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21 May 2016
fragrant flower garden can fill thin, refined aroma, even if it is located at a latitude of St. Petersburg.And much of central Russia and say nothing.There is a plant feels great.

astringent AROMA

Rhode Lavender (Lavandula) includes 28 suffrutescent and shrubby evergreen species from the Mediterranean region.Only two of them are introduced into the culture - broadleaf and dosage.Both species - perennials, fragrant flowers contain essential oil.They are large dense bushes with elongated leaves.The flowers are small with an intense pungent aroma, are collected in spike inflorescence.Lavandula latifolia thermophilic.It is grown in large quantities for lavender oil, which is used in medicine, cosmetics, and to generate a special varnish-dye used in the porcelain.

Lavender medicinal contains less essential oil, but the flavor of its thinner, it is considered more healthful.Besides, this kind of enough cold tolerance and is more common in the temperate zone.Essential oil of lavender is used to form perf
ume soaps, lotions, colognes, hair shampoos and as alcoholate used as antiseptic in medicine.

Lavender officinalis was described in the XIII century, and until the XIX century, it was grown in monastery gardens and princes, and in the gardens of the townspeople it as a healing plant.In countries where old traditions are preserved start apothecary garden, lavender, and now occupies a place of honor.Her dried flowers with petals of roses and jasmine are added to some of the "flower" of teas.The same mixture is filled into special porcelain vases.In winter, put in a warm place, they spread in the room the smell of summer.Along with leaves flowers are used for flavoring baths, they are placed in tissue bags in linen closets to give things a pleasant smell and to protect against moths.

In France, small bouquets to the table is required to contain a sprig of lavender.


Lavender grows well in sunny, warm place.The soil is suitable dry, well water tight, gravel or sandy clay, moderately nutritious, containing lime.

plant can not grow in heavy clay soils with high acidity and high groundwater levels.The soil mixture is prepared light and fertile - from sheet earth, humus and sand, taken in the ratio 3: 2: 1, adding a "Kemira wagon" (complete fertilizer at the rate of 20 g per plant).The depth of planting pits 25-30 cm. Bushes planted at a distance of 30-40 cm from each other.In the spring should be regularly cut old wood.In dry weather the bushes should be watered abundantly.In central Russia lavender necessary shelter for the winter (suitable spruce branches, pine needles).

If you still aboveground part podmerzli, it is cut and the plant usually recovers.The same pruning regularly rejuvenate the bushes so that they do not bare bottom.

propagated plants from cuttings and seeds.Seeds require soaking for 30-40 days at a temperature of + 5'S.Sown seedlings in late February - early March to a depth of 3 mm.Seeds germinate in the light at a temperature 15-21'S.When the seedlings grow, they dive.In May, the seedlings are planted in the garden, a permanent place.

seeds can be sown directly on ridges and in the end of October.Shoots in this case appear in late May.For propagation by cuttings taken lignified annual shoots, cut them in cuttings 8-10 cm long and perpetuate.

for reproduction by dividing the bush in autumn the plants pruned to a height of 8-10 cm and spud the ground, carefully filling the space between the stems.In the spring the bushes even pour the ground.During the summer lavender gives abundant growth, which is well entrenched.In autumn dig up the bush and carefully divided into several parts with the roots.

Another simple method of reproduction lavender - layering.For this spring gently folded two or three escape and put them in a shallow (3-5 cm) groove prishpilivayut, poured soil and watered.During the summer, the land here should be slightly moist.Normally next spring escape can live independently, and cut off from the parent bush.Withered shoots are pruned to encourage new branching.Lavender planted in terraces, in gardens and flower beds with herbs.Most neighbors - the plants, love dry soil.Grows well with roses.

Lavender used in borders and hedges.It can be planted to a permanent place in the fall, but it does not matter if you put this operation in June.

remind land for planting lavender bushes must be carefully prepared, quite easily, without excessive moisture.

Anna Tverskaya biologist

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