How to grow cucumbers delicious

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21 May 2016

turns out, the main enemy of cucumber - stress.Following these simple tips, you can minimize it and thus prevent the emergence of not only the bitterness, but also those pests and diseases that often affect cucumbers.

1. Moisturizing SOIL!

Provide plants with moisture, especially during flowering and fruiting.Stress caused by its disadvantage increases the content of the substances that are responsible for the bitter taste.
Cucumbers grow quickly, so depending on weather conditions and the type of soil they need from 25 to 50 mm of water per week.The main thing - to constantly maintain the soil slightly moist.It's enough to plenty of water, one - two times a week, and if the soil is sandy, more often.The beds can be covered with polyethylene film already during the planting of cucumbers, but organic mulch, such as straw, can not be used until the ground warms up to 20 ° C.

2. mulch!

cucumbers mulch will also help in dealing with stress caused by lack of moisture, accelerate the appearance of the

fruit and increase productivity.In addition to organic mulch, you can use the black plastic wrap or a more modern covering material that transmits infrared radiation.Mulch not only saves and keep moisture in the soil, but will also inhibit the growth of weeds.

3. Respect the temperature limits!

Cucumbers do not like hot weather.High temperature not only affect the quality of the fruit, but may also provoke an increase in the number of male flowers.Those who grow cucumbers in warm climates, it is best to arrange plants openwork shade, especially in the afternoon.This will help you planted on the south side of cucumber beds of high culture or a cloth awning, impermeable 40-50% of sunlight.Weekly feeding nettle and dandelion give good results (pushing them several days in a ratio of 1: 1 using diluted 1:10 with water).

In central Russia cucumbers sown from May 20 to the warm beds, sheltered film.

In early June incipiently germinating seeds can be sown in regular beds.

4. Cucumbers NEED LIGHT AND
warm soil to get optimum crop delicious cucumber, plant them in a well lit area into the hot and drained soil, the pH of which - 6-7.For cucumbers ideal high beds.Do not sow seeds or seedlings are planted, if there is a risk of frost or the soil is not warmed up to 15 ° C.Frost will destroy the plants and the soil is cold slows their growth and provoke stress.Plant the seeds for seedlings at home for 3-4 weeks before the expected date of its landing in open ground, and be careful - when transplanting not to damage delicate roots.

«bitter" truth about cucumbers

Congenital bitterness.Most cucumber plants contain a substance called kukurbitatsiny whose presence causes the bitter taste of the fruit.At low concentrations of these substances are not noticeable bitterness, but if a lot of them, cucumbers can be very bitter - so bitter that it is impossible to eat.If the cucumber plant is under stress, the content of kukuri-bitatsinov increases.

varieties that do not taste bitter.Some varieties of cucumbers contain a gene that prevents the formation of kukurbitatsinov.Among them - the European and Dutch salad for greenhouse.These are the long, thin cucumber without the seeds, which are usually sold packed in cellophane film to protect their thin skin.Salad climbing Marketmor 97 also contains the gene.

varieties without bitterness have a mild flavor.The more intense the flavor of cucumbers, the more likely the emergence of bitterness in them.

If your long-awaited cucumbers still taste bitter, do not panic!Bitterness is concentrated closer to the stalk and in the skin without penetrating the flesh.In order to reduce the bitterness, just clean the cucumber and cut 3-4 cm at its base.

5. Fertilize!

Cucumbers will delight you a beautiful crop if the soil in which they grow, advance to enrich organic matter: make good compost or mature manure.The soil should be light and loose.Once on the Scourge are formed and the first shoots of flowers, once again fill the aisles in compost or other organic fertilizers.Yellowing leaves indicate that plants lacking nitrogen and they require additional feeding.

6. PROVIDE cucumber space to grow!

provide plants with plenty of space for growth, you make one more step in dealing with stress.If you grow cucumbers on trellises, to plant at a distance of 20-30 cm from each other.Wells 1-2 seeds or seedlings (when planting seedlings) located at a distance of 90 cm in the row and 120-150 cm between rows.Shrub varieties planted at a distance of 90 cm from each other and between the rows.

cucumber varieties for the middle band

most cold-resistant: Virenta, Sultan, Royal Card, Marina Grove, Boy Thumb, ant, grasshopper.

most precocious: Moscow dude Roma, Sloboda, Valdai, Razguliay, Cupid, Regina Plus.

hybrids buketnye location ovaries yield and are very convenient for picking fruit.Each leaf axils formed several (up to 6) of the ovaries.Among these hybrids: Break, Pyzhik Courage, Picnic, Shchedryk, Ajax, ants, Okhotny Ryad, Annie, Pechora, Ustyug, Uglich, Spring.

stretched fruiting period are Lord, Annie, Brawler, Farmer.

Shade tolerant hybrids: Danila, Arina, Moscow Nights, Mastak.


Keep the bed of cucumber and surrounding area clean of weeds, since many of them are breeding grounds for bacterial infections caused by drying cucumber lashes.Its distributor is usually leaf beetle.By the way, these insects are especially attracted to the plants, weakened by stress.

8. harbored!

Arrange strip cover to protect seedlings, cover them with paper or plastic caps or build small greenhouses.All this will help to harvest and not only provide good plant growth and early flowering, but also protects against pests.

Just do not forget to remove all the shelters with the beginning of flowering.

9. DO NOT GIVE cucumbers grow!

Depending on the type of cucumbers harvested 50-70 days after planting.The size of a ripe cucumber depends on the variety.Some varieties of American salad of cucumbers have the best taste, when they reach 15-20 cm in length, the Middle Eastern varieties, such as Amir - 10-15 cm, most salt-coating cucumbers - 7,5-12,5 cm and Asian varieties - 2030 cm.


Some gardeners, gathering cucumbers, quick movement break off from their whips.However, if you are not sure you can do it so neatly that do not damage the plant, better use scissors or shears.

cucumbers in barrels

many years the earliest crops of cucumber we spend in early May.But how do you think - where they sow?

We have a barrel without a bottom in which we collect crop residues.In summer, laid the old branches of raspberry and currant, chips, coarse plant remains, debris.By the fall of it all settles in half barrels.In the spring of adding dried leaves strawberries, perennial weeds.

ubiquitous dandelions, who first awakened with the spring heat, go to a substrate.With a sharp knife cut them wide as far as possible and lay in a barrel.At the roots and leaves, and gets a piece of land.Weeds are interbedded with the ground with humus, sawdust almost to the top.

for speedy pereprevaniya all layers sprinkle biosostavom "Suburban compost" on the basis of enzymes.When the soil mixture in the barrel settles, pour loose top layer of fertile soil 10 cm. Once the mixture reaches the temperature of the soil is optimal for germination (15-18 ° C), and the seeds of cucumber hybrids earlier calculation units 15-20 to a depth of 1.52 cm. The top piece of the barrel close air bubble film and tying with twine.The expansion of the substrate with the release of carbon dioxide creates the best conditions for the growth and development of plants.

When a pair of true leaves, transplant of the cucumbers in the garden or in the greenhouse, leaving 4-5 most powerful barrel.Plants in the barrel is not afraid of light frosts, they do not shade other plants, roots, cozy and warm.But at strong colds leaves may suffer, so provides protection against frost: lutrasil use or wear on plants five-liter plastic containers out of the water.In early June cover shoot.At this time, cucumbers already blooming.To much moisture does not evaporate exposed surface barrels mulching cut grass.

Gherkin - the moisture-loving culture of all the vegetables, so watered regularly.Feeding the weak infusion of herbs.When as the decomposition of organic matter, soil settles in a barrel, adding freshly picked weeds and muck.

is high above the earth, plants rarely suffer root rot and other fungal diseases, well ventilated, and their fruiting lasts until mid-September.Cucumbers are more sweet, tasty and crunchy, than those grown in greenhouses.

With each plant 1-2 days collect 1.5 kg zelentsov gherkin type.

Seedlings planted in teplichku on solar heating in the last week of May.The root system of cucumber is more sensitive to cold temperatures than the above-ground part.Therefore the plants are planted in 5-liter plastic container without a bottom.In tanks cut off the throat of hangers and arranged at a distance of 50 cm apart, buried in the soil at 1/3.Substrate pour light and nutritious, with the addition of humus.These plants will come into fruition than just planted in the ground.

part of the plant from the barrel with a lump of land planted in loose soil in the open ground, pour warm water and cover
1-2 days on fresh-cut grass.Top cover with lutrasilom, pressing the edges with heavy objects.Under lutrasilom well preserved humidity and heat, especially at night.Through plant tissue breathe so watered without removing cover.

At the beginning of flowering, when it gets warm, remove the cover.

WHITE "Zelentsy»

white cucumber seeds I planted out of interest for the bizarre.And not regret.To taste the variety and the Bride White Angel F-1 surpassed all others.Flesh - thick, a little seed slot.Even as these overgrown cucumbers are great.In the variety

Bride F-1 skin color is not bright white like an angel, and slightly greenish.Redkobugorchataya surface, which is especially appreciated experts cucumbers.The fruit can grow large, but the taste is preserved.Cucumber is very good in a salad, and stuffed.

beautiful white cucumbers for table combined with vegetables of different colors.Delicious in marinades and pickles.

whether to trellis cucumber?

This plastic culture easily adapts to any conditions.Of course, it is easier to sow cucumbers in the garden, but then leaving and collecting fruits complicated.In the summer of cucumbers should be collected in a day, and in the garden plants capture all the free space, and even boundaries - so that there is no place to step.In addition, the plants in the garden are less durable: the stems and leaves are broken, disease will occur, and why crop less.If the cucumber trellis to tie up with string, improved lighting, simpler maintenance, reduced area.Moreover tie plants to trellis can not only in the greenhouse, but in the open field.To do this on a number of cucumber wire and pull it free loop of twine tie each plant.From time to time the plants need to tighten clockwise, otherwise they intertwine with each other.It does not take a lot of time, but with the 2nd quarter.m can be obtained as much fruit as 10 square meters.m in the garden without garters.The higher the trellis, the greater the yield.But her hands raised above should not be done - it complicates treatment.


cucumber salad with orange aroma
(4 servings)

1. cucumber, 1 small orange 2 tsp. Low-fat yogurt, 2 tsp. Honey, 2 tsp. Orangejuice, 1 tsp. lemon juice, 1 tsp. finely chopped mint leaves, 4 leaves of lettuce

cut along the cucumber thinly slice diagonally.Peel oranges, removing the optional membrane and cut into slices.

In a salad bowl, combine yogurt, honey, orange and lemon juice.Add the cucumbers, oranges, mint and 2 tsp. Finely chopped orange peel.Refrigerate for 20 minutes.

for serving on each plate, place a lettuce leaf and top with salad mix.

Sauce: Combine yogurt, honey, orange and lemon juice in a day or two before serving and place it in a tightly closed container in the refrigerator.

Before season salad, stir again.

Greek cold cucumber soup and yoghurt (4 servings)

2 cups of low-fat plain yogurt, 2 large cucumber, 1 cup of skim milk, 2 tbsp.tablespoons lemon juice, 2 small cloves garlic, 1/4 tsp. salt

Cucumber peel and chop.Chop the garlic cloves.

Mix in a bowl of yogurt, cucumber, milk, lemon juice, garlic and salt.Cover and place on 4-8 hours in the refrigerator.

Tip: To improve the taste of the soup, add a little chopped green shallots, chives, dill or mint.

Dutch cucumber soup

2 dlinnoplodnyh cucumber, 2 liters of water, dill, lovage, St. John's wort, sage, 50 g of wheat flour, salt, nutmeg, lemon juice, sour cream

Wash and clean the cucumbers.Peel cucumber boil in water for 20 minutes, add the dill, lovage, St. John's wort.Strain the soup through a colander.

Cut cucumber slices and place in a saucepan.Cook for another 15 minutes.Season the soup

wholemeal flour and salt to taste.

Add sour cream, nutmeg and lemon juice.

According to the magazine "Outdoor Life»