Who will pour garden?

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21 May 2016

It is one thing - a carved window garden (palisades), which briefly and pour out leechki.It's quite another - when this "garden" in the size 10, 20 or more acres!At this point you want, do not want, and you wonder: where to take so much time (and also water) to drink all that it grows?

Simple watering from a watering can or hose for such large areas is not good: running a watering can, you can hardly keep within daylight hours, and a hose to water - plants do not like!After all, they, like humans, need not only to drink, but also to breathe.And it prevents the airtight crust on the soil surface, formed during continuous watering from a hose.

relatively simple solution to this problem was found in Israel in the middle of the last century.Invented supply water to the plants by means of flexible plastic tubes, at the end of which in the root zone of each plant is the so-called drip - simple enough device the size of a medium-sized button.

Droppers and, accordingly, drip irrigation are remarkable in t

hat they allow not only uniformly and point to supply water to plants (without creating a crust on the soil surface), but also, if necessary, strictly metered.For this purpose, there are compensated dripper, which serves a certain number of hours in water, such as 2, 4, or 8 l.

Today drip irrigation system is increasingly used in the art of landscaping.Here, in addition to the above advantages of drip irrigation, is particularly appreciated his dignity as invisibility from the eyes of the main part of the system.The feed water main pipeline is underground, and only a thin (6-8 mm in diameter) with dripper drip tube reaches the surface of the earth directly to the root zone, where it is not evident.

If necessary, watering of open spaces (lawn) dot drip will not solve the problem.Here, the ideal option would be artificial rain, which creates a special (quite complex) systems - sprinklers.

Unlike drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation when the water supply is not only pipelines are underground, but the sprinklers do too.Only the inner cylinder with a sprinkler mounted in a sprinkler nozzle comes to the watering time by 10-15 cm above the ground, turns and powerful fine jet carries a circular sprinkling watering.

Choice sprinklers watering with the required radii.As well as the possibility of fine adjustment of the value of irrigation sector from 15 ° to 360 ° allow for a 100% required watering zones, without affecting the undesirable wet objects (benches, arbors, walls of the house, fence, etc.].

Generally, sprinkler irrigation divided into several switchable successively parallel lines, so as to provide at each sprinkler desired pressure and flow rate.

Thus, in areas with developed is indispensable as a landscape without drip and sprinkler irrigation.

However, this is often not enough. On most sites there will always be some group of plants that need watering personal.

serves this purpose a local hand-watering with a special, multi-point, gidropistoleta. And the water supply is projected private underground line, which is underconstant pressure. In those places where it is required to carry out a manual watering, is mounted on this line special standpipes underground type, to which is connected, if necessary, a hose with gidropistoletom.

entire irrigation system thus consists of a hand-line irrigation, drip, and several (sometimes many) lines sprinkler irrigation.Switching the flow of water in series from one line to another, it is possible to ensure the normal operation of the whole system.

Now you can try to answer the question posed in the title of the article: "Who will water the garden?".

It would seem that the answer is obvious: "garden" pour a modern irrigation system!But such a response is not complete.After all, the system itself can not work: someone needs to switch off the water supply from line to line.

If the job makes a person using for this purpose, such as a comb with ball valves, we are talking about the irrigation system with manual control.Less of this system is that it is justified for small areas for which appropriate to use the word "garden."

If you are the owner of the GARDEN of 10 acres or more, then you have a whole day to switch ball valves or to hire for this purpose a special employee.And then, and another is not always convenient.

much easier (and correctly from a technical point of view!) To set in place the comb with ball valves block the automatic distribution of water in which the ball valves to replace solenoid valves.And the management of their work (on and off at a specified time) to entrust a special controller (minicomputers), which can be placed in the home or anywhere in the garden.

summarize: "garden" can pour the person operating the hand of modern irrigation system.And now GARDEN "will itself be watered" modern automatic irrigation system.

and will not do it during the day when it is convenient to man, and when it is necessary to plants, ie in the morning, evening or night.And even in the absence of the owner.

So drink to health, loved the garden!


1 - shut-off valve;2 - storage tank;3 - the fuel pump;4 - block water distribution lines;5 - a line of drip irrigation;6 - dropper;7 - line sprinkler irrigation;8 - sprinklers


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