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20 May 2016
Sverhurozhay draws all the juices from the plant, and depletes it undermines the immune system, reduces winter hardiness.And even if the winter is not very severe, rapidly fruited tree can be killed or badly hurt.But there it is easy to avoid unfortunate consequences.

Proper care will help plant-Sun 5 becoming forces and survive the cold.


This year it is: sheer abundance.Of course, the harvest of summer apples and plums is already assembled, but the trees in the late varieties are still leaning under the weight of the fruit, sometimes to the ground.Their branches can not withstand excessive loads and break off.Traditional backups are not always save the situation.It is better to get rid of excess load wood - gently shake the branches to the fruit of the fallen, and those who cling to the branches to be reset manually.Naturally, primarily dispose of damaged by pests, and small patients.Since each branch must tear the entire length of the fruit until until it reaches the horizontal pos

Faithful payment

way, and not too small crop of trees will benefit.Without giving fruits, they grow a very long shoots that do not have time to fully form before the cold weather.They have almost no time to prepare for the winter, and they are less hardy.What should be the volume of the crop, so as not to bring harm to the trees?The optimal number of fetuses with 15-30-years they (age maximize) apple - 75-100 kg, pear - 100-125, apricot, plum, plum, cherry - 30-40 kg of cherries - 15 - 20.

However,and it is not important.The main thing - that the trees bear fruit regularly.Vital processes of the plant should be moderate and optimized.This is a guarantee of longevity, hardiness and excellent efficiency of the garden.To receive regular harvest, the garden should be properly care: feed and water the trees and shrubs, to deal with pests, diseases and weeds "loosen and mulch the soil ... And rightly cut - form - plodvye trees, primarily those that have beentoo much fruit.Compact, thinned krone in the future guarantees optimum yield.

without consequences

Once the crop is harvested, you should carefully examine all the trees and cut the bummer or cracked branches and twigs.Cracks - injuries at the end of the growing season - do not heal.Locking and pull them useless - still not srastetsya before winter, and the wound required to settle for wintering pests.The affected branches should be cut down gently and carefully handle the saw cut garden pitch.

soon restored to the tree in the autumn it fed mineral fertilizer containing phosphorus, potassium and calcium.But in any case can not be applied with nitrogen fertilizer, so as not to encourage the growth of branches towards the winter that will not have time to get stronger.

Another effective agro - mulching the soil under the crown: 5-7-inch layer of mulch will protect the roots from extreme cold.Pre-need to remove all the weeds and dig the ground.In the summer the garden suffered greatly from pests and diseases, good handle trunk and soil around a systemic fungicide, such as "Ho-Virus" for fruit trees (with the addition of soap - 30 g per 10 liters of solution).

In late November, the tree is desirable to "dress up" - to wrap the trunk 1-1.5 m above the ground, and the base of the skeletal branches on length 0,5-07 m spruce branches first, and then two or three layers of white paper or newspapers.This insulation will save the tree from the severe frosts in winter and from sunburns in early spring.There is another way to protect the fruit from frost.As soon as enough snow falls, cover the trunk of "blanket of snow" - the height of about 1 m. In the spring, as soon as the snow in the garden will begin to melt actively, immediately fold snow protection in order not to delay the spring growth of roots.

trees that have grown in the summer instead of fruit shoots longer than 50-70 cm, spend the winter without loss if young branches tie - secured in a horizontal position, and even better to tighten the ring.This will stop their growth and give the tree time to prepare for winter.

Irina Gorbachev, Vladimir Susov, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, honored agronomist of Russia.

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