Wood brides or all of the Kalina

By Admin | Garden, Garden
20 May 2016

She is good at the time of flowering, strewn with snow-white flowers;good summer in the green leaves fluttering halo;but closer to the fall, when its thin branches bend under the weight of ruby ​​grapes ripening berries, viburnum becomes beautiful.

Sometime in the culture of many Slavic nations that are widely distributed in the middle zone of the bush symbolized the young girl's beauty.Then Kalina was an integral part of the wedding ceremony.Even preparing dowry bride-pattern of leaves and berries of viburnum embroidered towel - the time comes, and it will offer it as a gift to the groom.Much later, before the wedding viburnum twigs decorated chamber, festive tables with refreshments, wedding loaves ...

Side by side with the joy of folk legends created the image of Viburnum is sadness.One of the legends tells of the love girl turned into Kalina on the grave of his beloved, and the other says that the bright red, like blood, the fruits of Viburnum - is the heart of those who fell in battle with

the enemy.

Today Kalina - a common inhabitant and suburban areas, and near the front gardens of private houses.It is cultivated as an ornamental shrub as well as for fruits, sweet-bitter taste and a rich variety of vitamins and trace elements.