Preparing for the spring bloom in the fall ...

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20 May 2016
Selecting the
Regardless of where you took your place for flowers - on a lawn, flower beds or balcony boxes - excellent onion flowers thrive almost everywhere.Some varieties, such as daffodils or krokussa grow well in partial shade.But do not forget that the flower bulbs do not tolerate wet.

Planted in groups, onion flowers are particularly unusual.For tulips or hyacinths can form small groups of 10 plants.Small same krokkusy contrary, take 30 to 50 to form a single plant garden group.

Plan flowering
your garden can bloom beautifully in February, if you pay attention to the time of flowering.* Make a small table with your lyubimi flowers and your beds will be beautiful all the time of flowering.

February - March
yellow, blue, white

Early Tulips:
March - April
red, yellow Narcissus

end of May - end of April
yellow, orange, white

middleApril May midpoint
cream, white, purple, red, blue

Late tulips
the end of April - the end of May
yellow, orange, red, white

large onion
vyberaem large onions, then your flowers are beautiful andstrong.Bulbs should not be over-dried and begun to rot.

double depth
stick to the general rule: the bulb is planted at a depth of twice the size.

Protective baskets
Mouse willingly bite flower bulbs.Small protective baskets keep them - and facilitate the search for summer bulbs.

Leave the leaves and stalk after flowering longer, because thanks to the power of the bulb will get the new year.It is only necessary to remove the brown leaves.

Wild Garden
If the bulbs are in the ground in the summer, they multiply and later bloom more luxuriantly.If you still want to dig up the bulbs, then they need to be dry summer in a shady and ventilated room and again planted in the fall.

* - in various parts of the flowering may differ from the one in this article.