To help the novice gardener

By Admin | Garden, Garden
20 May 2016

Whether you purchased a garden plot, or a week ago Truckers with the experience, we will talk with you today about what assistants are necessary for us in the first place, and what you can buy a little later.Whether you're planning your garden "from scratch" or conversion to spend to get it to you in succession, in any case you are building this paradise, in accordance with your views and tastes.

smaller at your disposal area, the more important from the outset to define clearly their demands should look like your garden.Do not run the small area: you will be pleasantly surprised how many different "garden areas" can be created by skilful division even these few square meters.

However, without a suitable garden equipment we can not do.Of course, we are not talking about what is necessary to urgently buy up all the best in the nearest garden center or store.At the initial stage it will be enough next major equipment.

for garden buildings:
- watering
- rubber hose with an adapter for connection

to the tap, and as a supplement to the water dispenser
- a shovel and / or forks
- Rakes
- cultivator
- hoe for weeding
- fertilizer
- clippers
- gardening gloves
- lawn grass seeds

for existing garden: - mower
- slitting shears for cutting grass in places inaccessible to lawnmowers
- trimmer for a neat lawn treatment
- agentsWeed selective
- fertilizer for the lawn
- tool to remove mold, moss
- rakes grass
- broom / brush
- pruner
- garden shears for pruning, cutting cuttings
- saw
- ax
- containerCompost

Inna Dibel