What to plant in January?

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19 May 2016

All of these names belong to the plant, to do in its place of honor cottages - sweet peppers.For an early crop in heated greenhouses peppers begin to sow in late January.

Climatic region Minsk region is such that the choice of a variety must first focus on ripening.For crops in conventional unheated greenhouses strongly recommend planting superrannie, early and Medium early varieties.

Pepper Health suitable for cultivation in the open and closed ground.From germination to fruit ripening takes 75-85 days.Bushes tall, and each matures to 15 bright red sweet fruit.

Like last year, we strongly recommend that you pay attention to two hybrid - Bavaria F1 (red) and Gourmet F1 (orange).Very interesting peppers: medium height, excellent yield, disease resistance is good.

Suitable for fresh consumption and for canning.Very popular varieties of Snow White and the Swallow.The first fruits ripen in July: a very large, sweet.Bushes varieties of peppers Snow White look very elegant.In the stage of technical matur

ity of fruits white than ripe - the redder.

Many gardeners particular preference is given to the California miracle.

Very good variety, although at first glance novice gardeners at the stage of technical maturity, he looks a bit weird: reaching the required size, green fruit starts to blacken, and only then blush.

gentle and beautiful cultivar Elf.At the same time the plant can mature for 12-17 bright yellow and very large fruit.

Golden Jubilee - a wonderful variety
And let up to half the height of it, but much of the fruits of 180 largest and most beautiful yellow pepper.

Summer salads are particularly useful if they contain vegetables various colors, best of all 7 colors of the rainbow.

Pepper sweet ode to the stage of technical maturity - purple (very rare for a vegetable color), and a hybrid Chocolate handsome F1 - Brown.

Let them during this period have not yet accumulated enough sugar, but the taste of the salad is not affected.

It will take a week, and they changed their clothes purple and brown to purple, ripe.

varieties of pepper heroes and the greatest return Medal crop yield when grown in greenhouses.

For lovers of small plants we recommend a very early variety of Winnie the Pooh (height 30 cm) other than sweet peppers.

small miracle
Little ornamental pepper, although very, very sharp - Small wonder.The miracle miraculous, one small (up to 25 cm) are placed at the same time bush yellow, purple, red peppers.By the way, this sort of way to decorate the window sill, balcony box, flowerbed, flowerbeds.Unpretentious.

Peppers - well, but only hot pepper is able to set off the elegant taste of your preparations.As a rule, quite a few bushes, but they should not grow along with the sweet varieties, better in a greenhouse with tomatoes, otherwise you are big surprises.Burning pepper will not become sweeter, but sweet varieties can buy delicious taste.And if you still collect seeds from them, then for the next season ...

As you know, this is not all varieties of peppers, which can be found in the stores "In the garden, whether in the garden."Getting sowing seeds for seedlings, try not to sow too much.Consider how and where to plant, how much blanks plan, taking into account the composition of the family.

Do not do the extra work and do not put seeds in vain!

seeds, seed, open the face!

Planting a seed in the ground, we give impetus to the life of the plant.What it will be, in this case it depends only on us.

Thuja occidentalis
Plant a seed in a pot in January landed in the ground in April, and in 10 years it vymahal 8 meters if not cut.

seedlings Thuy west are quite expensive, but with a certain skill they can be grown from seeds.

Take the same Heliotrope.

If he put at their summer cottage - you get a very nice annual weed with a marvelous aroma of vanilla.In late summer, do not be lazy to replant in pots - and here's indoor perennial plant that will delight you from autumn to spring house, and in the summer at the cottage.

Grow another wonderful perennial - Tritoma.

His flashy, bright colors like yellow and red males.Tritoma - flower, the Rooster.

Eremurus - a proud, handsome two-meter with large colorful arrows crowning soft apricot-pink buds.

Loves a sunny, windless spot and need tying.

Warning !

Before planting the seeds require prolonged stratifaktsii at two degrees for 5-6 weeks.

Use a vegetable storage compartment of your refrigerator, where and put a box of seeds.

seedlings ready for landing in the ground at the bottom of the pit is required to pour a layer of sand, Eremurus not tolerate waterlogged soil.

Beauty Eremurus you admire in the second year after planting in growing seedling method, when planting the rhizomes in the spring it will bloom in June.

What I want to say in conclusion.

Any work, including summer cottages, requires special knowledge and skills.

Do not be lazy to learn, to read professional literature, to try, because experience - the son of errors difficult, as would say classic.

"love apples."Black Beauty eggplant

These vegetables in Egypt prepared for lovers love spell, though the Romans did not favor them, because they believed that they can cause mental disorders, and was called "mad apple."

do not know what you call the association eggplant, but to me they do not have anything to do with apples.

It should be noted that the ancient people were very observant and noticed that the more taste bitter eggplant, the more dangerous they are.Now we know that the bitterness gives eggplant solanine M - harmful to the health of a compound capable of causing severe brain disorders.There is another vegetable, collecting solanine: zazelenevshy potatoes.This concentrate solanine M - it in any form can not be eaten.In eggplant, especially in modern varieties, the number of solanine M is reduced to a minimum, but still do not use the old overripe fruit.

in our climate can be grown eggplant, but only early varieties.We recommend that you grade Black Beauty and Snow.Let the snow with white eggplant fruit looks unusual, but it is completely absent solanine M, which means that it is a real vegetable diet suitable for young people to food, children, patients suffering from diabetes.This variety is rich in potassium and hence promotes the release of body fluid.

Snow eggplant

Eggplant after sowing indoors spend more than three months.

seeds germinate very slowly - 30-35 days for germination the soil must have a constant temperature of + 20 °.

After germination must just 30 days until you get them raspikiruete in phase two true leaves.

It is very light-requiring, thermophilic and moisture-loving plants.

Make it 100% light.

Any blackout cooling necessarily affect the quality of the harvest.

Good luck in growing "love apples."

Vegetable fantasy in January
Onions Stuttgarter Risen

highly recommend from experience.In the past year, telling you of curly cabbage leaf Cadet and Scarlet, and she took the seeds sown in early February, growing seedlings and do not regret the time spent.Until late autumn my site was decorated with corrugated incredibly beautiful, curly leaves high (up to 1 m) shrubs.Cut them only after frosts.On New Year's table among leaves decorated dishes, others, after blanching, crumbled into salads.Delicious it!I still have the seeds from last year, and I will once again grown seedlings leaf curly kale.

What else sow in January?My friend get the hand to dispense with onion sets, although onions stored enough.Lady economical and hardworking, she grows annual crops like onions (onions in our climate, we grow as a turnip biennial culture) of black cumin, seedlings sown in January.Specific her pride - large-fruited varieties of onions Globo and Play the Isles.Bow - the culture of a long growing season for that seeds have to be sown, Chernushka seedlings no later than the beginning of February.By the way, the novice lukovodu need to know that before landing a permanent place of onion plants should be dark green, and the stems - as thick as a pencil, or a great big onion is not formed.

not all of our readers suffer gigantomania, as used at one time, "bulbs", weighing 1.5 kg is quite problematic.

preferable varieties with turnip weighing up to 200 g, and sometimes less.Of course, it is well-liked Stuttgarter Risen (very light).Exquisite taste and early onions Sheth.I really like the white onion Ala and salads to him prefer - juicy, tasty, with a tart flavor.You should know that the seeds of onion blackie very solid and this slow germinate.You can pre-soak the seeds in a solution of any rooting stimulator, and then sown in the soil.Onion seedlings are well grown in cassettes.Using a tape with the fine mesh, and set each hatched only one seed, you find yourself hard to get rid of the pick seedlings and plants will not cause injury.