Proper planting berries

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19 May 2016
Planting strawberries .

Before planting strawberries cultivated land, well leveled and slightly rolled down.The production conditions for the best mechanization plants are planted one-line.In small areas, where not carried out mechanized tillage, strawberries can be planted two-line.The distance between rows 70-80 cm, and between plants in rows 15-20 cm. Therefore, on 1 hectare planted from 62 to 95 thousand. Plant.

For best pollination varieties of strawberries and convenience of picking berries some varieties are planted in strips of 10-35 rows.

The landing of strawberries in the middle lane and the south is best done in late August - early September.At this time, the seedlings take root and successfully over a long period of cold weather has time to develop well.In the northern and eastern parts of the country due to the difficulties of overwintering plants need to be planted strawberries from late April to mid-May.

as planting materials used are healthy, free from harmful pests and diseases ro
oted rosettes mustache with 2-3 leaves and roots of 3-5 cm.

In large farms strawberry seedlings planted transplanter, and in small areas - by hand.

control of the correct planting seedlings is the stability of its state at a slight twitch of the leaves.For manual planting the plants watered after planting.In dry weather, watering is repeated 2-3 times.To save water the plants watered carefully mulching with peat or humus layer 5-10 cm, closing leaves and terminal buds.After 10-13 days after planting, replanting is carried out on the site of dead plants.

can be planted berry bushes in the spring and fall, but due to the rapid opening of leaves early and landed in the middle lane, and in the south is best done in the fall, 2-3 weeks before the soil freezes.In more northern regions better planted in early spring, before bud swelling, at short notice, within 8-10 days after the start of field work.

Breakdown prepared plot with the designation of rows of seats and planting carried on poles tractor cultivators in the longitudinal and transverse directions.

bushes planted in the pit depth and width of 40-50 cm. For planting should be selected only healthy planting material free of dangerous pests and viral diseases.
have raspberries in use as seed annuals root suckers from the root collar thickness of not less than 8-10 mm with well developed roots are not shorter than 10 cm. Currant seedlings can be one-, two-year and gooseberry - the biennial.The root system they must have a length of 15-25 cm. The above-ground part should consist of 2-3 branches 25-40 cm long.

During planting berry roots of seedlings are distributed to all sides covered with earth, gently shaking the plant.Land around the bush feet compacted to between roots there were no large voids.Raspberries are planted 2-3 cm deeper compared to how the offspring were placed on the mother plantation.Saplings, currant and gooseberry to form adventitious roots are planted at an angle of 45 ° to the surface of the soil and 8-10 cm deeper than grown in the nursery.Planted plants watered (1 bucket of water for 2 plants) and mulching with humus, peat or dry land.

After landing aboveground plant parts are cut: gooseberries, at an altitude of 10-15, 18-20 smorodinu-, raspberries - 20-40 cm