The revival of the rake

By Admin | Garden, Garden
19 May 2016
In its new incarnation, a rake back as a functional shelf for flower pots.And we came up with a few more options.They can be used to hang a coat, fireplace utensils, barbeque tools, kitchen and beach towels, garden tools, or anything else that can be hung.

Step 1: Where to?

you can easily find the old garden rake at flea markets, flea markets, in the barn.

Step 2: How to prepare?

Remove the metal tip with a wooden handle.If you can not separate them, throw in a fire rake and remove the nozzle after the embers have cooled.How should I clean the rake soap and steel wool to get rid of the remnants of earth and leaves.

Step 3: How to install?

Drill a pilot hole where you plan to hang the rake.Screw the rake through the existing hole in the nozzle to the guide holes.


- tightening the shelf of a rake, use dowels, if you plan to hang heavy objects.
- If you want to paint your shelf of a rake, use a latex paint.