Geotextile for projects

By Admin | Garden, Garden
19 May 2016

Advantages and disadvantages

geotextile is used as a deterrent barrier against weeds and soil erosion.

Typically a composite synthetic material, such as polypropylene and may be perforated, woven, nonwoven.

Before deciding whether to use in your project geotextile, it is important to understand its characteristics and limitations.

Let's look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of this material.

Positive aspects:
  • allows air and water into the soil;
  • help deter weeds;
  • helps maintain a uniform soil temperature.

geotextile is practical and can be used on large areas, such as:
  • beds of shrubs and ornamental plants, where there is a specific breakdown, such as ornamental grasses, daylily and rudbeckia, which should not travel along;
  • around trees;
  • by stone paths;
  • under porches;
  • for retaining walls
  • at large arrays of stones and mulch areas, which are created by the type of "Japanese Garden".

  • expensive compared with mulch made of polymers (black plastic);
  • destroyed under ultraviolet light;
  • usually requires covering with mulch to slow down the destruction of the UV, and improve the look of the film-coated areas;
  • shelf life of approximately 5 years.

geotextiles Do not forget that the geotextile is the only barrier that prevents the germination of weed seeds from the ground.

seeds will germinate and enter from both organic (wood chips) and of inorganic (stones) mulch film that covers the geotextile.

well nourished the roots of germinating weeds easily pass through the porous material of the geotextile.The unpleasant result of such neglect rhoeas - sandwich of weeds, mulch film is firmly connected to the ground.

often ignore this feature of geotextiles that it is effective for about five years before deteriorate and require replacement.Moreover, mulch deposited and, for example, in the hills such deposition gives the offset mulch, leaving uncovered portions of the film greater.Thus, it is impossible to believe that the geotextile can be laid once and for all forget.

However, when used properly, it provides tangible benefits in the maintenance of the landscape.Moreover, each year there are more varieties and film producers with a geotextile of various sizes, both in industrial and domestic purposes.