Hunting season for ants

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18 May 2016
ant "family" with equal ease could "make happy" with his presence as an apartment on the 14th floor, and the suburban area, regardless of their geographic location.What to do with this "happiness"?On the internet there is a lot of practical advice, how to get rid of ants.

All the information can be divided into 3 groups:
  • advertising funds to fight the ants, located on the sites of manufacturers and shops;
  • articles from the category of "Tips and Tricks" or "Traditional recipes";
  • posts.

material for this article become user councils as forums with Russian and foreign.

analyzing all the information gathered, and adding their own experience, was made a kind of top for the title "The best remedy for ants."

Here's how it looks.

The first place is occupied by "delicacy", made on the basis of borax or boric acid.

Mix the powder may be a variety of delicious food, such as minced meat, boiled egg yolk, honey, sugar syrup in various proportions (eg, 2/1).Here are some recipes:

№ 1. ¼ Art.water, 5g
borax, 1st.l sugar 1ch.l.honey.

water brought to a boil, it is dissolved in the sugar and borax.The cooled solution was added honey.The bait should be used at once: pour a thin layer of the mixture in the saucer, lid on cans, etc., and place in the most visited places of the ants.

same way prepared and all the other "goodies", but a set of "ingredients" is a little different.

№ 2. 1st.water, 3 tablespoonsglycerol at 1ch.l.borax and honey 100g.Sahara.

№ 3. 400 ml of water, 150 g of sugar, 15 g of borax, 10 g of honey.

№ 4. 1 tablespoonmillet porridge, honey, borax or boric acid.
As the drying, periodically pour the bait.Harvested for future use "goodies" to be stored at a temperature of 5-10 ° C..If you live in an apartment building, and the ants are chosen not only your apartment, it is necessary to conduct a "comprehensive clean," that is not only you, but also your neighbors regularly staged such "feasts" for the ants.Because of this, they say, it can be for 2-3 months to completely withdraw all insects.You can, of course, to fight and alone, then the ants will simply move to another apartment.

Warning!If you have small children or pets, then make sure that a "treat" is in the reach of their location.

second place is occupied by Chinese crayons.Chalk Circle exit site (windows, doors, air vents, etc.) ants.

Third place belongs spray Raid.Spray the exit site of ants, and after a few days, they have to leave.Pleasant smell and efficiency - these are the advantages of this means!

fourth place in the list is divided powder and aerosol Expel Faratsid (Faracid).Expel can be used equally well indoors and on site.It is effective also in the form of powder (pour a thin layer at the rate of 10g. 1 sqm along favorite routes ants) and an aqueous solution (100g of powder to 5 liters of water given that m is 1, 1 L).The result was not long in coming - the full annihilation of 1-2 days.

Important!Do not use near water resources and wells (distance should be at least 5-10 meters).Keep tools you need in a closed form of the reach of children.After applying the powder does not allow children to play in the treated areas near the nests.

Faratsid acts as the pharaohs ant, and other species that live in the house or on site.Producing a tool in the form of microcapsules.Proceed starts within 12 hours.
Fifth place was given to the lure of the company Globol.They say that the ants then disappear for 3 months.

In sixth place is the drug Faratoks - B (Faratox-B).It acts slowly but surely.Two Polish
preparation «Mrowkofon» and «Mrowko-Bait» in the form of granules are in seventh place.Both are intended for use in indoor and stretch.The effect appears after the first application.

specifically for use on the site, was created Glotoks powder (Glotox).This drug is poorly soluble, so it does not need to be refilled if held rain.
of the most effective folk remedies is the use of fresh leaves of tomatoes (it is believed that they can not stand the smell of ants, therefore, leaves need to be expanded in the most visited places of insects), cinnamon (pour "border", through which the ants will not move, for example, aroundbeds), vinegar (wipe with a cloth soaked in vinegar, place outputs ants), honey (stick to the surface, there's something you take them and "cushy").If the ants have chosen your wardrobe, you can put in it a moldy lemon, say that helps.

Another original recipe: Take a piece of the old "rusty" fat and anoint them places where insects (especially in the bath, sink).

But all these efforts will be in vain if you do not destroy all of its garden pests (aphids, etc.), which feed on ants.If an ant hill under a tree, the note is not affected whether it?If the pests for some reason do not want to fight (tired, tired, etc.), and the coexistence of ants becomes unbearable, then destroy an anthill - ants only after that will be gone forever.Even my six-legged female, these workers are able to replace!

So anthill found.What's next?And then choose the method for everyone.

№1.Take a bucket of water 400 g black soap (liquid, available in pharmacies), add to 2 tablespoonscarbolic acid and 10 tablespoonskerosene.All mix thoroughly.This mixture of water the ant spray and those trees, which they crawl.After 2-3 sprays ants disappear.

№2.You can use quicklime or bleach.Sprinkle it anthill and pour it with water.

№3.Pour the anthill 20% solution of a carboxylic acid.

there are a lot of ways, that's just in the fight against insects do not forget about the safety of his household: do not leave the "goodies" in places accessible to children and animals, and before using the aerosol hide all products, container.Closely acquainted with the instructions for the use of drugs!