Monochrome Gardens

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18 May 2016

Monochrome called gardens, in a palette of colors that use only shades of one color, and these gardens are becoming popular.You probably are thinking about using pink or purple, but what about white?If properly used white color, it can get very colorful.

Monochrome Garden

completely white garden brightens the shadowy areas, and causes them to "shine."Plus, the calming color, as well as enlarges the small space.

Don and Kathy Johnson of Saint Paul, Minnesota, first learned about the idea of ​​all-white garden 20 years ago during a trip to the famous gardens of Sissinghurst Castle.

Cathy was particularly fascinated by the white garden "area."

Don and Kathy certainly do not live in a castle and could not fully replicate every feature the famous white garden at his home.But they realized that repeating color and planting, they can combine their long and narrow site.Don says that the diversity of zones on one small area, they have, makes the garden look much larger than it actually is.

when Johnson first began t

o transform their backyard into a secluded spot in the white, they realized the importance of the proper selection of plants.Cathy liked the first sunny borders, which they saw in England, and two, she planted light-loving plants, before I realized that on their site is simply not enough sun.It gradually moved to a plant-loving shade such as white dead-nettle, mixed with Astilbe, ferns, colorful hosts, sophisticated bells, flowering clerodendrum.

To make the subject more interesting monochrome, Cathy added textured foliage of different heights, in order to separate the white group of plants.Cathy realized that I should be careful when mixing white flowers, especially if they have a different shade of white.

While Katie was engaged in the selection of plants, Don was engaged in design space.He says that the lawns and flowerbeds were designed specific method."I love to play golf, and I like the shape of good spans, so that the lawn reminiscent of a golf course fairway."

Monochrome Garden

Just outside the kitchen Katie planted a garden of herbs that bloom in white from spring to fall, since the lungwort (Pulmonaria) and Solomon's seal in the spring, and ferns that create the structure of the whole year.She also planted sweet woodruff, which blooms white flowers in spring and hosts, fragrant flowering in late summer, and garlic.

Kathy also added rustling white violets, large flowerbed candytuft, swaying to the delicate dwarf irises, fast-growing impatiens to fill the shady areas of the garden.On the sunny side of Angelica gives artistry, while the old-fashioned valerian flashes white grapes.

Kathy enjoys a garden in the early morning and late at night, because the white stands out in the dark.Don believes that white also incorporates garden.Indeed, the Johnsons white palette used to put a masterpiece in his backyard.