Convenient greenhouse

By Admin | Garden, Garden
17 May 2016

Each of discussion greenhouses has certain disadvantages to this much trouble, the other is expensive, but he did not last for long.What to choose?Probably the best and most convenient is a greenhouse, the device that matches their own ideas.

often can be seen in winter, as the rusty frame of the film flaps tremble, and this design becomes unwanted.Production on the advice of the master is usually quite troublesome, but stumbled on a thought, you can reshape it in their own way.You can also modify their own way the standard model, which is on sale.I do not call the principle of "Do as I do", a unique approach to gardening is not necessary, but I want to tell about the greenhouse construction.

We had to combine three things in one: a long service life, easy handling and maximum heat insulation.The basis of the frame I chose arc ready galvanized profile.The ends of the arcs designed for penetration into the soil, are fixed to the wooden formwork.It should prosmolit and paint.The height of the greenhous

e increases the width of the board formwork.All of the arc at the top of the two sides are connected by two strips 30x40 mm, which increases the rigidity of the carcass.

ends of makeshift greenhouses always cause trouble with shelter.I decided to completely close up their full colored hardboard cut with small vents for ventilation.10-15 cm or more punch nail holes punched in profile and in front of hardboard.Sewed with a soft wire.When placing the greenhouse in the north to the south side of the north are not obscured, and the southern end of the cast a little shadow (0.5-1 m) in the middle of the day.In the morning and in the evening this place is sufficient illumination.

for shelter used two materials: non-woven fabric (60 g / sq. M) and white polyethylene film with svetostabilenom that is resistant to degradation by sunlight.Superimpose them on one another, so cut out.that the length is equal to the length of the greenhouse + 20 cm (10 cm for allowances on the ends), and the width - length of the profile.The entire length of the edge of the nails are nailed to the rails with large caps - for roofing nails through or conventional strips of hardboard.The frame is covered as follows: inside - non-woven fabric on the outside - polyethylene film.Reiki can be attached to the formwork using strips cut from chambers bicycle and rubber luggage straps securely fix "blanket" on the profile.

double cover creates a diffused light and reduces overheating in hot weather, better protection from the cold, change of temperature in the greenhouse is slow, with no sudden jumps.Turning (tightening) "blanket" on a roll, you can do one-sided and full airing.

Shelter can be left for the winter.If the cover with straw or other insulation soil in a greenhouse and a little around - on the perimeter, then it will protect it from the strong freezing.And in March (by removing the straw) on the spring sun in the greenhouse soil warms up quickly enough.Early seeding annuals to lose the seedlings on the windowsill.When using thermostatic fan in a greenhouse can be grown not only early greens and radishes, but also to extend the fruiting period Solanaceae (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant) and cucumbers until October, and to protect it from frost flowers late flowering chrysanthemums.

all efforts and material costs will be repaid time savings, ease of use, early and good harvests.