English Collection

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26 May 2016

Every garden has a character.And in many ways it is similar to the character of the owner.After all, creating a garden designer to seek to invest in it, not only knowledge and skills but also their ideas about life.

philosophy of my garden - naturalness, harmony and reasonableness of each element.The principle was reflected in the natural landscape style.Through carefully chosen garden plants fit harmoniously into the surrounding landscape.A thoughtful approach possible to solve some practical problems.

Territory creativity

It all started with a clean slate.The plot proper rectangular area of ​​28 acres - a former collective farm field.Almost flat terrain, heavy clay soils with lots of long-term field weeds space open to all the winds.Among the few advantages - a birch grove in the background and a good location relative to the cardinal.What is not a space for creativity?

All these factors were taken into account in the design of the house and garden.An unusual form - in the form of a h

orseshoe - a garden house close to the north and west, and even planted during the construction of birch, mountain ash and spruce growing up gradually sheltering it from the south-western and southern winds.

Planning section meets the main idea - to create a kind of secure world in which to be comfortable in any season.

choice of style is not difficult - I've always liked English gardens.In addition to the garden collection, namely so he was conceived, this style fits most.

Proving Ground

Every year my garden collection is enriched by new plants, and in the end there was a question about the redevelopment of the site.Trees and large shrubs planted around the perimeter of the garden, already grown up and formed a dense green scenes.Change was to the central part.

Any landscaper keen to try new combinations of plants, observe how they behave in different parts of the garden, in a particular environment.So many trees and shrubs in the garden was replanted.This not only changed his appearance, but also bring practical benefits.After all, testing plant on the site, we can confidently talk about their hardiness and growing conditions.

place to relax

on any part of a seating area.Front part of the English garden are the composition of conifers, shrubs and heathers, forest pond surrounded by willows.The paths of the limestone, intricately twisting, allow to penetrate even the most hidden corners.In the center, hidden in the bushes and honeysuckle drevogubtsa located a small pavilion.Here, on a hot summer day, you can always find a cool, but bad weather out of the rain.

Daylilies, hosts and some knifofii

important place in the garden flower beds allotted They are of various shapes and sizes.Plants are chosen so that the flower does not lose its decorative all season.The compositions created as very common daylilies, hosts, Astilbe, Delphiniums, rudbeckia, irises, roses, hydrangeas, bells, phlox, and rare for our gardens gentian, Viola cornuta creeping baby's breath and even knifofiya.

Particular attention is paid to the bushes they serve as a backdrop for flower arrangements.Major demands are made to the foreground plants, because they must maintain and decorative after flowering.

Floral groups share the path of limestone gravel dumping, and the role of the lawn serves styloid phlox.Widely used in the garden filling with gravel and wood chips.They are not only decorative, but also greatly facilitate the care of the garden.

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