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25 May 2016
What they do not come in!Large and small, brilliant and vulgar, ancient and needles, and Empire style postmodern! .. A listing styles we run the risk of tiring the reader, and so curious to send a specialized art publications.Gardener and landscape designer is interested primarily in three questions:

- on what occasion they are installed;

- where the place;

- the material from which made.

try to figure it out on the classical examples known to all.

Some terminology

Garden sculptures in many guises.So for
start sort out the terms.

Sculpture (1) • kind of fine art, whose works have volumetric, three-dimensional shape and are made of solid or plastic materials.

Statue (2) • The sculpture of a human figure or animal having a full three-dimensional volume and a value close to a natural or more.

Monument (3) * work of art created to perpetuate the human or historical events: a group of sculptures, statues, busts, or relief plate with the inscription, triumphal arch, c
olumn, obelisk, tomb, tombstone.

Stella (4) • upright standing stone slab with the inscription, embossed or scenic image.

Obelisk (5) • four-sided, tapering upward pillar topped with particular reference to a pyramid.

rostral column • freestanding column, trunk is decorated with sculptures of the bow of the ship.


beautiful and useful

once Peter I ordered to place his summer residence in the collection of hundreds of ancient statues - the originals and copies.Thus the monarch hoped to raise the cultural level of the court, barely leaves the charming medieval.

today publishes, walk in the Summer Garden, receives not so much intellectual as aesthetic pleasure.After the statue - it is very beautiful.And therefore the main reason for the installation of garden sculptures - decoration area.

To Remember

first monuments (stelae, obelisks and so forth.) Were established in honor of the orchards is a very traditional European landscape park admission.

course, not only the creation of the park is worthy of perpetuation sculptural event.The historic park sculptures, steles, memorial columns were erected in honor of the most high-profile victories.Recall Peterhof Grand Cascade, where the palace at the foot of Samson tearing the lion's mouth.Samson represents Russia, the lion - Sweden, the whole composition - a victory in the Northern War.

often Historic Park can be found a symbolic tombstone with the name of the deceased owner's estate (buried, of course, elsewhere), and even the construction of funeral ashes of his beloved dog (Egyptian pyramid in Tsarskoye Selo).


garden sculpture emphasizes the observer creates the focus of perception.Of course, to carry out these important functions, it should be clearly visible.

Closer to heaven

Garden sculptures, usually mounted on the elevations: Natural and sometimes specially-built hill and the upper elevations of the relief or the pedestals (stone, brick, concrete) (b).

Keeping pace with trees

Often sculptures line the roads - usually straight avenues.Recall the Summer Garden, where the rhythm of ancient statues in harmony with the rhythm of the planted trees, and those, in turn, serve as the perfect backdrop for the characters, molluscs and goddesses.

to the area and a crossroads

sculptures adorn the front part of the garden in front of the house or palace;delight the eye of people sitting on the benches around the rest areas;please weary travelers walk at the intersection of roads (in the Pavlovsk Park at the crossroads of 12 tracks located, for example, Apollo surrounded by the Muses).

Amid the jets and waves

Water attracts sculpture, and sculpture like water.For regular parks characteristic fountain with sculptures (Neptune in the Upper Park of Peterhof), for landscape - small architectural forms on the waterfront.Very often you can find a sculpture on a promontory or on a tiny island in the middle of the reservoir (rostral column of the Park to commemorate the victory in the Russian-Turkish war is in the midst of the Great Pond, which symbolizes the victories fanned the Black Sea).

However, all of the above is relevant only to the tradition, if not to say - history.Today the sculpture got the right to freely "roam" the entire territory.They can be found almost everywhere: on the fringes, lawns and even in secluded corners of the garden.No one is surprised when a statue sitting on garden benches, they can come, take a picture, sit side by side.


Classical sculpture - marble sculpture.It is this wonderful material - luxurious in appearance and easy processing - using artists of antiquity and the Renaissance.But times change, and at the beginning of the XX century sculptors began carving their creations mostly of granite.It's not that the world reserves of marble exhausted.Just can not stand this stone of modern ecology and under the influence of the environment is steadily being destroyed, as the Greek Acropolis (though his sculptures had long been languishing under the open sky, resting peacefully in the British and other museums).

Modern urban park sculpture and often carved out of granite or cast from metal - mostly bronze or other corrosion-resistant alloys.
to Russian-Soviet parks TRADITION-onny wooden sculptures headed by a national symbol - toed bear.

The movement in time and space

With some stretch of the imagination can be attributed to the sculptures of ceramic gnomes, plastic sheep and other garden creatures of dubious quality.Experts prefer to use the term "trompe l'oeil".Sculpture noble, stationary.Publicized garden ornaments fit the definition of "kitsch" with the same ease with which moved from place to place.Although, of course, everything has a right to exist: if only there were a measure and taste.At the base of a three-storey house with a granite plinth like the European "decoration" can not look ridiculous indecent!

However, by and large sculptures can be made out of anything.Snowman, sand castles, gourmet ice composition - is not a sculpture garden with a small shelf life?Last summer, Melbourne has become a landmark five-meter sculpture made of grass, created in a city park.Only here before heading for Eternity these creations of human hands away: they live up to the first wind, sun or frost.

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