Long road to home

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25 May 2016
And his task is not simply to create a beautiful garden - worthy of framing the architecture, but also to try to harmonize the surrounding area

Podmoskovny plot size of just over 20 acres, on which we had to work, was improperly configured.Around - a massive cottage development, owners of it fenced off by a high fence closed.Beautiful house in the Finnish style of the surrounding buildings: the guest house, sauna and indoor pool, located in a random order.We had, it would seem almost impossible task: to hide the houses on adjacent sites and logically and visually combine all the buildings and give them the architectural integrity.

Parade area

design began with the study of the front part.Its area was small, so we had to resort to lay-out, illusory expand space.The fundamental error of the builders was that they made the gate in front of the house.

Such straightforwardness nor proportionally, nor stylistically does not fit into the landscape style of garden.So we had to build a winding path, th
e envelope most of the front area.This is a somewhat lengthened the way to the house, but go for it has become much more interesting.With every step the traveler open to more and more specific points.

look at it stops blooming roses arranged on a dark green background Tsuga canadensis, then pine, surrounded by ground cover and various forms of conifers.And then suddenly flash the water in the creek.If you are moving in the opposite direction - from the house in the parking lot, before you other types: the source of the stream, a small flowering meadow, wall guesthouse decorated shade tolerance.

Water barriers

path in several places crosses the creek with a free-form channels, which ends a small decorative pond.Water has always enlivens the landscape and ornamental bridges and a separate flat stones lying diversify it.Granite boulders on the banks of the creek enhance the decorative effect.In this area we managed to use a small drop of relief: the most beautiful stones lie on the most prominent places.And among the rocks on the background of the Cossack juniper and ferns blooming rhododendrons, Kuril tea, Spiraea japonica, saxifrage, host, Astilbe, irises, ground cover and other plants.

place to relax

Further, the house, the area for a family holiday.Its open space allows to realize here the classic idea of ​​the landscape garden.The only thing that did not fit into it - the indoor pool located in the middle of the clearing.But the curtain of chubushnika not so much closed as visually broken a clear vertical configuration of the pool.

road and path network here too, it was solved in the landscape style.Secondary paths are made of limestone "in the gap."And, as in the front part, walking paths give birth to them in the most beautiful corners of the garden.Open space - lawn - owners use for active and passive recreation.


completion of major prospects - a solitary tea house on a background of forest.The boundary between the garden and the surrounding natural landscape visually destroyed due planted on the edge of the fence.Teahouse in oriental style actually does not quite fit into the landscape - and still looks harmonious.And all because that view of it opens with just one point, when you stand back to the house.

Green areas

high spaces (black pine, physocarpus kalinolistny, white dogwood, Berberis vulgaris, barberry Ottawa and others.) The contour area cover its borders and visually destroy the fence.Trees and shrubs are grouped into natural curtains and are given the prospects section.This carefully selects their color, take into account the chiaroscuro.Plants are arranged so that its form, branching, foliage texture soften the overall plan.A flower beds make the garden bright cheerful colors, eye-catching.

As a result, the territory of the garden has turned out quite secluded and coherent, but at the same time not limited oppressive from all sides of the fence.


1. Buildings
2. Waters
3. Cascade
4. Parking
5. Pool
6. Teahouse
7. Patio
8. Decorative edge

Elena Makevnina,landscaper.

"Gardener" №5-2007