From dusk Till Dawn.

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25 May 2016

And in the evening you suddenly realize that the day went, and you did not have time to enjoy the fruits of their own hands.Do not be upset.After all, there is still night, and fortunately, in the garden at this time can only rest.And most importantly, a garden, lit by the stars, gives us a whole new feeling.


last rays of the sun-changing landscape: it becomes softer, muted.It is interesting to observe how to exaggerate, the trees - maple, linden, bird cherry, spruce, Siberian fir - darken and become monolithic.Standing alone tree turns into a black, clearly defined silhouette, as if drawn with ink (English oak), or, as it were glowing from the inside (white poplar).

Some tones of blue and blue colors can not be seen during the day - they seem to be purple (Phlox paniculata varieties), and only in the dim twilight you can catch all the nuances of this beautiful part of the spectrum.

Changes coloring the entire garden: burning with a bright day yellow, orange, red colors fade;blue and pur

ple are colder, visually pushing the prospect of even further;purple turns black and dissolves into darkness ...


Night Garden invites us to dance on white.The musical is set variegated shrubs (dogwood White & amp; & amp; 񖔃Elegantissima & amp; & amp; 񖔃, Salix integra & amp; & amp; 񖔃Nakigo-Nishiki & amp; & amp; 񖔃, box elder & amp; & amp; 񖔃Argenteo-variegatum & amp; & amp; 񖔃Flamingo & amp; & amp; 񖔃, chubushnik coronal & amp; & amp; 񖔃Variegatus) and perennial hosts all shades - from white to cream (& amp; & amp; 񖔃Brim Cyr & amp; & amp; 񖔃, & amp; & amp; 񖔃Delta Dawn & amp; & amp; 񖔃, & amp; & amp; 񖔃Liberty & amp; & amp; 񖔃, & amp; & amp; 񖔃Fire and Ice & amp; & amp; 񖔃, & amp; & amp; 񖔃Geneva Stark & ​​amp; & amp; 񖔃, & amp; & amp; 񖔃White Christmas & amp; & amp; 񖔃, «Revolution». The first violin is played dekorativnotsvetuschie plant with large white, pale blue and pale pink flowers foxglove white varieties of lupine, delphinium, peony, Astilbe, rose), the party of the second - for the maritime cineraria silver leaf, sage and Elaeagnus angustifolia.Light trunks of birch trees and maples zelenokoryh create the background improvised orchestra.

Darkness, restricting us visually, instead of giving disproportionately sensations: sweet scents, mysterious sounds, light touches of branches.

Walk on a moonless night garden "touch" will be remembered for a pleasant smoothness stem sour cherry, mountain ash and silver maple, rough exfoliating platelets pine, shallow script cracks European Pear and maple, deep intricate patterns of English oak bark.But, yielding to the romantic mood, we must not forget that some of the trees and shrubs are armed with thorns ... However, most of them prickly (varieties of roses, rose hips) warned of its rapprochement with fragrant scent of the night.

Fragrances night

Scents - second nature night garden.Nothing prevents us to focus on tasting has not yet crafted from strong perfume fragrances Mattioli bicornuate (sweet), vechornytsi Forest (clove), Mirabilis jalap (pleasant fruit), sweet tobacco (sweet), evening primrose Biennial (gentle), Platanthera bifolia - amazing plants, opening flowers at nightfall."Male" will make a resinous aroma balsam fir, juniper average, Chamaecyparis Pisifera, Thuja occidentalis.More "feminine note" can be selected from odors Phlox paniculata, honeysuckle Perfoliate, mignonette white and fragrant, white lilies and its hybrids, chubushnika, Saponaria officinalis and spring - wild cherry, lilac, lily, muscari, hyacinth.This remarkable "perfume", filling the finest garden unique spicy flavor, it attracts not only the romantically-minded people, but also moths.


night revelers - some of the most beautiful inhabitants of the night garden.It seems that it is they spread the wonderful smells of midnight, flitting from flower to flower.Listen to the weak rustle of their wings, and you will hear and singing cicadas, frog and a concert choir, and the hooting of owls, and later - the first trill of a nightingale.Today, just for you in the scenery from the darkness and the light under the stars sounds garden "Moonlight Sonata."

Under this kind of music is pleasant to sit on the edge of the pond and admire the silver reflections on the water, put in a shaky moonlit lane.Light ripples water surface, fireflies on the other side, a mixture of fragrance hosts plantaginaceae with camphor note Calamus ... What could be more romantic than a night in the garden under the stars?

Live fire

only night at the soft light of guttering wax.The flickering flame of a large candle in the Laterne snatched from the shadows of darkness magic circle and fill the space with mysterious shadows.A small glass lanterns will add charm and night to protect the weak flame from the wind.Miniature lamp can be hung on a chain with pots and live fire accentuate the beauty of flowers.A celebration decorate "green house" garden torches, but that wind fanned the flames, carefully choose a place for open fire.

However, the most comfortable place in the night garden is bonfire for centuries.A quiet crackling logs, colorful flames soaring into the sky and scattered sheaves of bright sparks ... Fire - the personification of peace and tranquility.Bizarre reflections fire, smashing the darkness, working on the black canvas as skillfully as a brush impressionist painter.And the last ember dogorevshy passes the baton to the first ray of the sun.

At dawn

And now a bright light flared up in the sky, in the open crowns of trees and shrubs (Robin amorphous, larch, mountain ash, oleaster, European ash).Literally glow in the rays of dawn inflorescence ornamental grasses (miscanthus Chinese, zaytsehvost ovoid, quaking grass, reed land, pickerel Soddy, Molina cane).The sensuality of night gives way to refinement of impressionism morning lines of Art Nouveau.But that's another story.

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