The water is running on the stones.

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25 May 2016
This idea is easily feasible in the garden, where there is a slope.On the smooth surface will have to make the mound.

Where to stay CREEK

In areas with differences level it is possible to use the gift of nature.If the land is very flat, it creates an artificial elevation.Place for a stream is selected most frequently visited and visible from all sides corner of the garden: near the house, baths, areas for families.Especially good creek next to the pond.This neighborhood is advantageous because it is possible to avoid algal blooms, mosquito breeding, since the water stream on the way to a mini-pond and back to the source of filtered and cooled.


Construction work begins with the device of the pond bed.Along the perimeter of the pond concreted "ring", which determines the level of the water.The excavated soil from the excavation is the construction of the embankment for the stage.Then outline the contours of the stream, rapids and stretches, which is formed of concrete.

placed on the prepared bed fleece (geotextiles) and waterproofing: polyvinyl chloride film (PVC) or butyl rubber (BR) rubber.These materials keep their water resistance.PVC film designed for a lifetime of 10 years at a temperature below minus 10 degrees, and butyl rubber - for 30 years, and he stands thirty-degree frost.There are other methods of sealing, such as reinforced concrete coated rezinoplastika.

movement of water in the creek provides the pump.The most commonly used submersible drainage pumps with metal or plastic impeller.Such pumps, unlike vibration work silently, do not break suction grains and pebbles.

for supplying water to the source, as a rule, use of plastic tubes or hoses.Experience shows that it is much easier to work with a flexible armored hose 1.25 inches.

Lay the hose should be the shortest path on the side of the bed so that it was available for repair.At the outlet pipe can mask a layer of pebbles, pinning him to the bottom of the upper trays with stones.This technique eliminates the unpleasant squelching sounds of a passage of the first portion of water each time you turn the pump.In addition, pebbles or gravel will serve as a simple filter.

Particular attention should be paid to rapids and shoals, because from them depends largely on the "feel" and appearance of the creek.Roll, or threshold, is formed when water flows over rocks.

This is done as follows: film strip adhered across the channel on both sides laid flagstones, carefully cut the excess.

threshold, or stage, stage is scheduled in advance and concreted before laying waterproofing.Then choose the appropriate stones and put them on film, repeating the step.All key locations creek stones lay on a solution, otherwise water will flow beneath them, and the effect of rapids and shoals lost.

If a smooth stream "Karelia" type, in the course are granite boulders.If quick, voluble "mountain" stream suitable sandstone, crushed granite.Sometimes, the entire complex is made of concrete.In areas with varied terrain and even on level ground it is absolutely possible to arrange an artificial stream.In the first case, the "temperament" of the flow is determined by the steepness of the slopes.The greater the deviation, the more "mountain" shape becomes a stream.On a flat plot wider range of possibilities: from a quiet little river plains with a small drop (0.2-0.5 m by 10 m) to the mountain stage on an artificial mound (1 -3 m to 10 m).In order to achieve "sound" of the stream with a minimum slope, using a compressor more powerful.

rapid construction means a significant change in the flow of relief (imported soil for artificial mound).On small areas pertinent shortened stream in the form of a compact stage.If you notice that the water level in the pond is reduced, do not worry: when the compressor is running, it evaporates in a few times faster than usual.


Creek, as well as a lawn, flower garden requires care.The pump is removed from the pond in the fall and spring mounted.These operations are more conveniently performed at a reduced water level.

«spring cleaning" of the stream and pond can be combined with the installation of the pump.

after the snow melts in the creek accumulate pine needles, leaves and other debris.Congestion increase the water level in the creek and it falls under the film, which happens to be floated.

Another reason for raising the film - a violation of waterproofing.So pack the stones neatly, do not go to the bottom of the creek, avoid clogging the channel, but rather cover it in winter with polyethylene.

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