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25 May 2016
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First you need to determine what will be given priority in your area, how are you going to spend time there.If you have small children and you love noisy outdoor games, the favorite and most convenient way for you to be a lawn bounded by a border of ornamental grasses and other plants resistant to trampling.If you like to call the cottage guests and cook barbecues in the open air, you need a paved seating area with some spectacular plant pots on it.

in the garden are usually present: a relaxation area, horticultural planting and farm buildings.In the recreation area located house, gazebo or pergola, a place for children's games, flower beds, lawns, ornamental pool and rock garden.Household facilities - a barn, cellar, garage, toilet and compost pile.

Disposition garden plot begins with the selection of these objects, as well as the layout of tracks that should bind all of the above.The project area depends on your personal tastes and preferences, but there are general p
rinciples which are recommended to take into account.

Think about how much land you can pay for an orchard, garden and ornamental planting.These three types of planting is better not to mix as getting drugs against pests and weeds, which is treated with ornamental plants, fruit trees and bushes, to vegetables and strawberries undesirable.Calculate how much and what kind of fruit and ornamental trees you want to have in the garden, the same is done for berry bushes.Determine the area of ​​the garden, consider whether you have a greenhouse, and where better to put it.

Choose what kind of house you want to have on the site: a small summer house or a capital structure with an underground garage and sauna, or perhaps something in between.Determine the exact dimensions of the house with the porch, veranda and pergola adjacent to the wall.If a house is a cellar or an underground garage, extracted during the construction of the land can be used for creating rock gardens, streams cascade.Consider what elements of garden architecture will decorate your garden, and there is space for them.

Select the type of fencing area (fence, mesh fence or hedge).


After all thought out and decisions taken, proceed to draw up a plan on paper.First of all designated border area, then the place is planned for the house and the adjacent recreation area.

plan necessarily applied on existing trees on the site that you are not going to cut down.Outlines the direction of tracks, primarily the main.

Think up the location of water pipes and electrical wiring.Then, the projection marked the trees and berry bushes with the intervals between them.Garden arrange an open area away from the fruit plantations.Next you can place the strawberry beds.Compost heap satisfied in the least noticeable and possibly remote location of the recreation area.

a barn on the far side of the garden plot, where possible close to the border.Near convenient to put the shower or sauna.Summer toilet placed in a corner of the plot, and it is advisable to place it next to the toilet neighbors.Planting ornamental plants to mark out a place for rest and along the main walkway to the house.It is useful to indicate on the plan of the compass to know where and at what time of the day will be the sun and shade.

house among green

Now let's talk more about the individual elements of the garden plot.
House recommended to place closer to the border of the garden, and so that it is as small as possible and shaded your neighboring areas.At the same time the house could provide cover from the wind for landing.If your site is located on a hillside, the house is recommended to set as high as possible.Then, your garden will always be in front of your eyes, also appears a great opportunity to revitalize the landscape with the help of various kinds of decorative walls and stairs.

house, overlooking the garden, it is not recommended to surround the lawn, or low-slung.Put at least two sides shrubs or large perennials to visually associate harmoniously house with a garden.

spacious porch or patio will decorate any house, as well as vines, planted at the walls.Just Think where you want to plant the vine, reserve a place for it at the wall of the house and cook support.

From the remnants of a brick can be folded stationary containers for flowers in the veranda or on the porch, inserted in the construction of the wall of the house hooks for hanging pots with plants.

If the house needs to be painted, it is best to choose light dim gentle tones close to natural colors (pale blue, light gray, beige, light yellow, light green, yellowish-green, light pink), sothey do not aggravate the construction and does not contrast with the planting.

Think about where you want to place the light sources.Typically, lighting is set at the entrance to the house, on the main track in a recreation area, near the stairs.The recreation area is better to install a few lights low power: they create a sense of comfort and warmth at night.Bright lights will dazzle you and the neighbors, turning the space outside the circle of light in the impenetrable darkness.

Next to the house is usually arranged a place to relax and spend their leisure time sitting in the lounge chairs, sunbathe, take guests, cook barbecue, dine, or drink tea.Proximity to home makes it easy to make a table, dishes, chairs, chaise lounges, arrange with the convenience of guests.A place to relax should be placed on the west, south-west or east side of the house, so as not to be in the hot summer hours (lunch) in the sun.Western orientation for recreation will enjoy the generous rays of the summer sun almost to the call.

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