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25 May 2016

Pond can be placed in a separate lounge area or make a transition piece from one zone to another.It will create a special microclimate at the site, cleaning the air and cooling it on a hot day.A small fish, newts, frogs, dragonflies, pink or white lilies will give even the smallest pond extraordinary charm.


ponds are natural and artificial.Natural (stream, pond, marsh) creates the nature in places where rain water accumulates.If your site is located in a valley, you just need to drain the reservoir of groundwater.

Artificial ponds (swimming pools, ponds) of finished plastic molds, concrete foundations, walls and the base film is not less beautiful than natural.They are easy to clean and can be of various shapes and sizes.After selecting your favorite model and deciding where to place you in the shortest possible time and hassle get ready pond with a fountain, cascade or waterfall.


Romantic freeform pools with water lilies and Nymphea varietal, weeping willows, low

purple Japanese iris is ideal for a large landscape garden.Small square vodoyemchiki located on different levels, with cascades of water flowing gracefully adorn the site on a hillside, and will help to avoid waterlogging or stagnant groundwater in the lowlands.They can be beautifully decorated bushes dwarf cinquefoil with bright golden color or noble needles horizontal cotoneaster.Small round ponds with goldfish, located near a country house on a small paved areas, repeating their shape, beautifully decorated with natural stone, surrounded by bright colorful water-loving flowers in containers will create the illusion of a luxury Greek villa.

you can use any moisture-loving garden plants: daffodils, calla lilies, irises and even houseplants.

Pond natural form, framed by large boulders and structural plants: Guner, fluffy pink duster loosestrife point, beautiful large leaves and Ligularia Rogers konskokashtanolistnoy and elegant carved leaves of ferns - integrated into the slightly neglected garden landscapes.It is necessary to use plants found in nature, or species of garden plants closest to them.Good to be forest ferns and mosses, low spruce and pine, European Wild Ginger and globe-cultural, and forget-me-pelargonium Forest.Golden and purple flowers on a background of carved ferns and conifers create a harmonious combination of texture and color and beautifully decorate a pond.

creating an exotic pond in the recreation area, it is desirable to select from a variety of unusual shape, contiguous polygons.Each pond can make a small fountain.The height of the jet should be the size of the reservoir.

Pond Art Nouveau is a perfect look for the emerald green lawn and round balls of boxwood serve him a great frame.You can safely experiment with color, choosing a translucent blue or vice versa, inky-blue irises garden rich colors, shades of white calla lilies, lemon, light yellow daffodils - they will all look great.


If your site is long and narrow, divide it into several zones via stream or small ponds narrow regular shape which can be decorated with arched bridges.Decorate these waters better than natural stone.Sedges and reeds in conjunction with lohom silver or exotic species of fern, catnip, calla and goutweed emphasize your natural pond.

If the site is small, you can select the body of water in the container - it is mobile, and takes up little space.Next to him, the plant can be placed in containers, elegant vases, ceramic pots or plastic - it all depends on your imagination!

cascades, waterfalls, fountains ...

Cascades.At a height difference of at 6-9 °, and the presence of several benches at the site, whether natural or created by hand, it is already possible to organize stages.The most well looked cascades counting tier 50-70 cm and 15-20 cm in width nut. When decorating their large boulders moisture-loving plants and herbs is an excellent work of art.Waterfalls.Waterfalls create large areas with the help of a well-fixed embankments.For any of the waterfall, you must have two water tank - top and bottom.These may be natural or artificial ponds, swimming pools or water bowl.To make a small waterfall, quite a height of 1 m.

pool.The pool is not only an aesthetic spectacle, but also a useful facility for health promotion.Pools are bathing, swimming, fine.They can be ground, dug, poluvkopannye, indoor or outdoor, small or large.They can buy or make yourself.

Before you fill the pool with clean water from a well or artesian well, need to clean the sides and bottom solution algaecides.It is also necessary to provide for filtering of water with the aid of special installations and treatment of microorganisms in different ways (chlorination, silvering, ozonation).Using special reagents should maintain normal water pH (7.2-7.6), and before winter - to reduce its quantity and add special winter preservative.

Fountains.Fountain - a universal element of the decor for any body of water.Typical fountain ("classics of the genre") - with jets directed upwards.However, using multiple nozzles, able to change the size and configuration of the pressure jets easily create any aqueous composition.The jet of the fountain can even gently run down and not beat up.

Modern fountains are changing our understanding of it.Various decoration source helps to create the most exotic paintings of the East or the West.This Moorish trim pond with blue mosaics, sculptures and Italian heads of animals, predatory throwing water jets, and a natural spring.

first mention of fountains dates back to ancient times.But the best known in the world was created in the XVIII century ensemble of fountains in Peterhof.

care rules

autumn necessary to pump water or lower in the pieces of foam or other material that does not damage the wall of the ice pond.Water pumps for the winter from the reservoir you need to remove completely drain the water from the hose.

spring pond should be cleaned, and only after that, setting the pump, fill it with water.

In mid-summer can be tightened with duckweed pond.It must be removed.

water- and YOU

creating a pond on their own, or buy a ready-made model, you choose its shape and are considering the location.Depending on how you see your future pond, you can define your character.

If you select a ringing melody flowing stream, creating a shimmering cascade of water from one pond to another, or simply make a small waterfall - you are cheerful, optimistic person, make quick decisions and move a lot.If

prefer classical pond with a fountain in front of the garden, you're a lucky man, who prefers a measured and calm life, always think through their plans in advance and they rarely change.The solemn, soothing jets of the fountain in the background of magnificent plants are consistent with your character.

Mini ponds, hidden from prying eyes, in combination with the classic aquatic plants indicate melancholy, romantic stock of your character.


Pattern the reservoir respectively the style of your garden.Large boulders and gravel out of place at the front of the reservoir, but are necessary for the landscape garden.

size of the reservoir should correspond to the size of your garden.On a small area is very large pond will look ugly.

choosing plants for the pond of the coastal zone, it must be remembered that they have to integrate harmoniously into the overall picture of the garden.

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