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24 May 2016
ornamental pool.

It is possible to arrange in different ways: purchase a special container, to establish a broad concrete rings for wells on the surface of the earth and decorate its walls ("high" pool), to dig a hole and cemented its bottom and walls, and finally dug into the ground the bathor large pot.Pool type depends on the particular site.The garden is located on a hillside, is much more interesting to arrange not only the pond, but a stream with a waterfall.Pool is usually located in a recreation area in the open sunny position in the frame or trim the lawn plates.It is not recommended to arrange a swimming pool under the trees, as falling leaves will spoil its appearance, and the roots can destroy the wall.Pond without cement bed can not dig under very water table is shallow.

elements of garden architecture.

These include gazebos, pergolas, trellis, as well as ladders, benches, tables and fences.Gazebos, pergolas, trellis and arches serve as supports for climbing plants and scansorial.T
hese buildings are usually placed in a recreation area or in the immediate vicinity of the house.It gets an extra "summer" room, where you can dine, have guests or take a nap in the hot weather.Pergolas are often attached to a house.In this case, one wall gazebo ready initially.Trellises twined vines, play the role of green screens.They are great place to stay close from prying eyes.They can be placed on the border area.The arches, entwined with climbing roses decorate the main track to a place of rest, do more hospitable and welcoming entrance to the garden.

Ladders typically built on plots located on a hillside.Dimensions steps depend on your desires and possibilities.It is recommended to arrange at least two or three, so that they are visible.If the rise is too large, it is possible to "soften" the staging area.

benches in the garden should be light, delicate, movable.Usually they are placed under the trees or large shrubs in such a way that the bench could admire the beautiful view.

most important element of garden architecture - fence .His choice is up to you, but keep in mind that high solid fence close perspective and visually reduce the size of the plot.From an aesthetic point of view, the best is the least significant barrier.This may be a fence of metal mesh, painted green.If you plant it along any climbing plants (bindweed, bittersweet, parthenocissus), it will be perfect.It looks good as a fence hedge of dense shrubs (cotoneaster, svidina, hazel, Karagan, some types of spirea, lilacs).

In a large manor house will look very impressive alley , both sides lined with trees.It should lead to some important project: the house, a pond, a large sculpture.It will be enough, and one row of trees, but if you have enough land, it will look great two rows of trees planted in staggered rows on each side of the alley.The trees are of the same species.When choosing a breed should know, correspond to this type of your climate, not too fast growing tree.

few tips for owners of small gardens .

If the site has a narrow, elongated shape, do not put anything in the back attracts the eye and did not pave a direct path along its entire length.Put in the middle portion of the low decorative trees, hedges or flower mixborders - all this will distract the eye.On a small area of ​​the illusion of a wide space can be achieved through the creation of different levels: decorative walls, ladders, raised flower beds, groups of vases of different height.Any body of water, even a small portion visually increase because the surface will act as a mirror.

tracks. possible, avoid straight lines and angles, curves create the illusion of more space.Even the path leading from the gate to the house, it is better to extend a bit, making it an arc, not a straight line.Home path connects the house, a place of rest and other areas of a garden site.Side paths lead to the garden beds, ridges, trees and shrubs arrays, as well as outbuildings compost heap.

Recall that practical gardener arranging your site, always take care of the birds , destroying pests, and enliven the landscape.For them made birdhouses, bird houses, drinkers and small ponds, and in the winter - feeders.Made with love and ingenuity of these small buildings and their inhabitants and cheerful decorate your site.

M. Novoselov."Our homestead» №7-8.2007