In the power of the elements

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24 May 2016
the other - a sign of perpetual motion She fills the garden of life, reflecting and keeps the variability of life: flying butterflies and dragonflies, fish movement, the movement of the shadow cast by trees and stones ...

These words belong to the famoussinologist Vladimir Malyavin, and it deals with a Chinese gardens.But they involuntarily come to mind when I think about the wonderful area near the Istra reservoir, created by the owners in collaboration with landscape architect Igor Klimov.

can not be called a garden plot in the conventional sense of the word.It's more of a piece of wood with a lake.It is relatively small - a little more than 15 acres.And nestled among the dense mixed forest.When building a house and landscaping plot had to cut down some trees, but the remaining adult birch, pine and spruce make it both shady and bright.White birch trunks filled garden additional light.

But the main attraction of the garden - water.Of the three projects proposed by the architect, the owners
have chosen the most daring and original, in which water is added decoration, as it usually is, and the main protagonist.The area of ​​artificial reservoir about 250 square meters.m. In addition, it is located so that takes up almost the entire area, except in the cast under construction.

Pond, depending on the imagination and the observation point, you can take over a forest lake or pond with an island in the middle, and it is possible and the river flowing through the garden.Especially the two pumps installed under the catwalk, forcing the water to move constantly to flow clockwise.But on the island there is also a small babbling waterfall.All this is done not only for beauty but also for the good functioning of the reservoir.The water does not stagnate, the movement provides its aeration.In addition, close to the pumps are hidden traps.They collect leaves, and debris which fall into the water.

But this treatment works is not limited.About every two years, at the dry season, the water drained, the bottom and stones cleaned of silt and debris deposited.

whole life is organized around a spectacular garden of the aqueous composition and associated by various elements.Upon closer inspection you realize: it wraps not only the water, moving around, but a lot.It is a place where there is flowing lines and flexible transitions.Perhaps that is why the surrounding landscape so natural and harmonious.

gray and gray-pink cobblestone paths and paved areas well: Facing the cap combined with the house and the flat limestone pebbles white and gray.The same gravel covers the bottom edge of the pond and its shallow part.

on the plot constructed spacious one-storey wooden house for permanent residence.His blind area of ​​pebbles 7-10 cm thick, under which laid I 1-2 waterproof layer film with a slope from the house to drain rainwater looks quite decorative and yet echoes the theme of the rocky!edge of the pond.

Banja is built from the same materials and in the same style as the house and the walkway leading from it to the pond.By the way, here is the deepest place - 1,6 m, it is possible to dive and swim.And in the winter, too: pump, located under the walkways, the water does not freeze all year round.Although on the opposite side of the pool owners usually arrange a skating rink.

about bridges - curtain marsh irises.Around the pond you can walk the walk, or enjoy them at home with covered porch and large windows lounges in the bath.

A quiet peaceful surroundings of the garden maintained a few plants with interesting foliage shapes and textures - a deciduous shrubs (spiraea, barberry), conifers, ornamental deciduous perennials (hosts, ferns).So how much space is occupied paving stones and water, and prevail among plants shrubs and decorative deciduous perennials, the care of this garden is simple and does not require much time.

Tatiana Shikanyan

"Gardener" №8-2007