We make a flower bed

By Admin | Landscape
24 May 2016
We make a flower bed

beds, flower beds, flowers that we associate with the beauty and comfort, so they needed in the landscape design garden plot.Flowers now - not just beauty.Flowers for us - and even small healers, healing from fatigue and brings back good mood.Beds, flower beds created from annual and perennial flowers.Many prefer perennial flowers.Beds, flower beds and flower - the final chord in the landscape design project.Therefore, flower beds, flower gardens start to build when completed improvement works.Creating of flower beds - one of the most labor-intensive forms of landscaping.

Before choosing flowers for the flower beds, it is necessary to comprehensively evaluate the land withdrawn under the beds.Poor, when the flowers are scattered aimlessly around the area, from this, they lose their power ocharovaniyayu most important factor influencing the choice of what kind of flowers to take to flower beds, flower garden - illumination.There are flowers, sun-loving, shade-tolerant flowers the

In addition, space for beds, flower beds is estimated from different points of inspection.The minimum distance from the point of perception beds, flower beds should be double the height of the tallest flowers.The most beautiful flowers should be placed no closer than 50-60 cm and no further 2.5m from the edge of the track.Consequently, the space under the beds, flower beds need to fathom.

beautiful and practical beds and beds of continuous flowering of perennial flowers, matched timing of flowering so that the flower fades immediately closed flowers blooming.This flower garden depending on the time you dprit different, ever-changing pattern: first soft spring colors, bright shades of mid-summer, golden autumn color palette.And the guests never will catch a flower garden in ruins - in mixborders (so-called continuous flowering beds) is never "downtime" .Dostigaetsya is correct selection of the range of colors and the correct layout on a bed, in a flower bed.In addition, mixborders even in a small area can accommodate many kinds and varieties of flowers, as well as a basis to make small trees and shrubs, like Weigel, lilac, barberry, cinquefoil shrub.It can be used to "frame" and conifers: fifth, mountain pine, juniper.Here is an example of flowering for months:

May-June - lilac bush cinquefoil, flowering from June to September, saxifrage Arends, primrose, saxifrage, cypress spurge, daffodils, muscari, crocus, tulips;

June-July -veygela, irises, Centaurea montana, peony, Nepal cinquefoil, delphinium, dianthus, travyanka;

July-August - Astilbe, different kinds of bells, campion haltsedonsky, Eryngium alpinum, phlox, daisies garden

August-September - sedum prominent, perennial aster, chrysanthemum Korean.

When you create flower beds, flower garden, it is important to choose colors for kolёru.Colours beds, flower beds affects human emotions.Flower garden or flowerbed, which picked up the wrong colors can be annoying.There are three basic colors - yellow, red and blue.Other colors - mixed.Black and white - neutral, they mitigate or enhance the basic and mixed colors.Harmonious color combinations considered contrasting combinations, trёhtsvetie or color intermediate transition from mixed (red, orange, yellow or blue, blue, purple ...) Contrasting combinations - invigorate smoothly into each other to adjust the color of mind.The combinations of pastel colors (pink with pale blue, blue and dull yellow ...) good for recreation.White soothes and clearly visible at dusk, when the red and blue colors appear darker.

In addition, in the background a better visible color light and blue tones give away the depth of the space, visually enlarge it.Red and yellow colors visually bring to us a place where they grow.This is important when planting areas wide and short, or long and narrow.

Planning flower beds can be in landscape style or classic (regular), depending on the style of landscape design of the garden, the site in general.Landscape flower arrangements - it mixborders, group arrays composition with stones, rockeries, alpine slides.The regular arrangement of flowers - a flower beds, ridges, curbs and tapeworms.

Flower beds can be unilateral: while high color are in the background, and lower colors closer to the point of perception.

flowerbeds examine from all sides.Flower bed - a flower bed of regular geometric shape, rises to the center where the highest planted flowers.

can make raised beds or flower bed, placing it at a height of, for example, 0.5 m from ground level.Flower Garden can be arranged at an outdoor flowerpot.

Particularly noteworthy are perennial flowers.

Perennial flowers vary in height: low, medium, high.Perennial flowers as opposed to annual flowers do not bloom for so long, but samovozobnovlyayutsya each season (their life span is not limited to one season).Many perennial flowers propagated by division.Dividing perennials - a mandatory procedure.If perennial flowers for a long time not to divide, there is a loss of decorative qualities.

If your flowers have grown up with a departure from the above rules should not be upset.Indeed, in the garden of different colors are interspersed with green grass, trees, foliage, and they smooth out roughness and inharmonious combination of volumes and shapes.The main thing is that the next flowerbed or flower garden will already be better than the previous.