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24 May 2016


Lighting - photophilous, with a lack of light can not blossom;planted in full sun, slightly shaded at midday

Soil - highly productive, breathable, has a slightly alkaline or neutral reaction

Watering - picky about soil moisture, watering is rare, but abundant, moisten the soil to a depth of 40 - 50 cm

Name"clematis" comes from the Greek word Clema, signifying once the vine.Vernacular - lozinka (this, of course, from the vine), deushkiny curls and nipplewort (obviously, because of the similarity with the unkempt beard, and it will look and clematis, if time has not spread and no tie to the support).More often referred to as clematis - seed plants have bent outgrowth.These names sound, of course, is not so poetic, like the English "a girl's hair", "flame", "snow at harvest time", "the joy of the traveler", "joy of the shepherd" and absolutely unexpected - "honesty."

Clematis belongs to the buttercup family.In nature, there are about 300 of its species.They can be found on every co

ntinent (except Antarctica) -to forests, steppes, banks of rivers, in gorges and on stony placers.

Types clematis looks different from each other.In herbaceous perennials (Manchu, direct, Texas) shoots die back at the end of the growing season.Shrubs (borschevikolistny, integrifolia) have a woody bottom part, which lasts for several years, and the top each year die.In shrubs (shrub form of a paddle) completely lignified wintering shoots.Bolshinstvo same species (Tangut, vinogradolistny, purple) refers to a group-phyllobates vines that cover the support, throwing his around them using leaf petioles.

Here are some

In April, as soon as the air warms up to 4-6 ° C, are beginning to wake up the kidneys, then get under way in the growth of shoots.They are thin, but strong, rising to a height of 5 m. At herbaceous clematis shoots rounded, woody at - 4-6-sided.In late May - June, shoots grow one day to 10-12 cm.


1. Group Florida - 'Sieboldii'

2. Group Integrifoliya - 'Mew bird'

4. The Group Patens - 'Hope'

5. Group Zhakmana - 'Niobe'

6. Group Lanuginoza - 'Madamle Kulotr'

Melkotsvetkovye clematis Clematis

3. Mining Clematis montana

7. Clematis Tangut Clematis tanjutica

8. Clematis Purple Clematis viticella

leaves are paired, simple or complex, consisting of 3, 5, 7 leaflets, apart from the usual green variety found with purple overtones.

When the growth of shoots ends inflorescences appear.At one clematis bloom shoots of the current year, while others - the last year.Early clematis flowers covered in just two months after the spring awakening, later - in late summer.They bloom only interrupt frost, to be exact - frost resistant.Short-term drop in temperature at night (to -2 ...- 7 ° C) and small plants are not afraid of the snow - warming after the buds are disclosed.

role in clematis petals play sepals integer from 4 to 12. In the center of the flower called the magnificent "spider" (the set of pistils and stamens), he often has a different color than the "petals", which gives the flower a special charm.A delicate painted flowers rather whimsically: white, yellow, transitions tones from pale pink and pale blue to velvet shimmering shades of red and blue.Flowers can be both single and assembled in clusters, such as panicle, semi-double and terry.And this amazing beauty pleases more than one day - the life of the flower lasts a week or two, and Terry - almost three.Clematis covered with flowers, decorate the garden almost all summer.Defies the imagination and sizes of flowers: clematis in large-diameter of 10-20 cm - the value is not constant and depends on the time of flowering.The flowers of some species exude a scent of jasmine, primrose, almond.

Garden classification

Today gardeners especially popular large-clematis.They are very decorative, they can be used to create spectacular horizontal n vertical composition: decorate the walls, fences, "empty" of their pine trees, or trees with sparse foliage.If pull low to the ground coarse wire mesh and place it on Clematis different colors, you can get a stunning flowering living carpet.

Given the origin of maternal large-clematis are divided into groups.

group of clematis varieties Zhakmana (Clematis jackmanii) obtained from crossing clematis Zhakmana with other kinds and forms, where the first serves as the parent plant.This large shrub vine with shoots 3-4 m long and well-developed root system.Flowers open, single or three are gathered, can be directed upwards, sideways and even droop;larger, from 8-15 to 20 cm in diameter.Perianth mostly blue-violet-purple tones.Without smell.Flowering on the shoots of the year, abundant and long.In winter, the shoots are cut to soil level (when recessed landing), or leave the base of the shoots with 2-3 pairs of kidneys.

Grades group Vititsella (purple clematis - C. viticella) - bush vines 3-3.5 m long. The flowers are open, facing upwards, sideways or somewhat drooping, solitary or collected three on long stalks, a diameter of about12 cm. Sepals usually 5-6 with a predominance of pink, red and purple velvet tones.They differ lush and long summer flowering on shoots of the current year.In mature plants bloom at the same time hundreds of flowers.Single tied seeds.In winter, the shoots are cut.

Grades group Lanuginoza (clematis woolly - P. lanuginosa) - bush vines up to 2.5 m. The single, large (16-20 cm in diameter) flowers are wide open.Sepals mostly light color: white, blue, pink tones.Mass flowering in May and June on the shoots of the previous year (the flower buds are laid to fall).The number of flowers per plant reaches several tens.In the second half of the summer or autumn flowering again - single flowers on growth this year.In severe pruning flowering shoots in the autumn for the following year begins the second half of the summer on the shoots of the year.Sets seed.

Grades Patens group (sprawling clematis - S. patens) - bush vines 3-3.5 m long. The flowers open, solitary, often star-shaped, diameter of 15 cm or more.Painting from light to bright blue-violet, purple, dark-purple-blue.There are varieties with a two-tone perianth and with double flowers.Bloom in spring on shoots of last year, at least - in the second half of the summer on the shoots of the current.Autumn branches are pruned only to remove the faded part, and the harbor until spring.Winter hardiness is low.

Grades group Florida (clematis flowery - C. florida) - shrubby vine with stems up to 3 m. The flowers are 8-12 cm in diameter, with the smell varying in different varieties.Sepals often six, but there are varieties with double flowers.Colouring is various, but light colors.Flowering begins in spring and early summer on last year's shoots.Therefore, in the autumn of their shortened to 1-1.5 m in length and stored for winter in the shelter.If the cut in full, rather weak flowering occurs only in the second half of the summer on the shoots of the year.

Grades group Integrifoliya (Clematis integrifolia - C. integrifolia) - mostly shrubs.Vigorous, up to 1.5 m (rarely up to 2.5 m), the whip-stye, clinging weakly or non-clinging.Flowers single or assembled by three generally bell-shape, 12 cm in diameter.Sepals are usually 4-5, are of various colors, in varying degrees of twist.The buds drooping.Abundant and spectacular bloom in summer on new growth this year.In winter, the shoots are cut.

Melkotsvetkovye Clematis (east, mountain, burning, paniculata, pilchatolistny, Tangut) diameter flowers are 2-4 cm, is used not as widespread as they deserve.They are unpretentious and winter-hardy than the large-, early bloom and bloom profusely, have an interesting leaf shapes.Especially good for decorating large areas.Placed no support on the ground, they can play the role of ground cover plants.

A) 5-10 cm bury tillering node

B) the roots straighten on the mound filled up the ground at the bottom of the landing pit

B) to drain to the bottom of the pit lay 10-15-cm layer of pebbles,gravel, etc.

soot rules

for clematis discharged areas on the sheltered from the wind site.For high standing groundwater (80-100 cm) put them on artificial mounds, and at the bottom landing pit arrange drainage of pebbles, gravel, broken bricks.On heavy soils landing pits sizes - 70 x 70 x 70, on the light - 50 x 50 x 50.

best time for dividing and transplanting outdoors clematis - April-early May, when the ground has thawed, but the plants have not yet startedgerminate.Acceptable and autumn - the end of August - September.Clematis summer transplanted when woody shoots.Plants in containers can be transplanted from spring to fall.

1. Decorating dry trunk;2. Decorating blank wall;3. Planting container

Clematis with tap root system can not tolerate a transplant.It is better to immediately put to a permanent place.Planting hole is filled with a mixture of peat, humus (compost) of garden soil, sand (1: 2: 2: 1), add 2-3 cups of ash, 100-150 grams of mineral fertilizers, 150-20S g dolomite.In the pit, make a mound of the cooked mixture, gently straighten the roots of it, sprinkle a small amount of the mixture and moisturize.Clematis landing necessarily deepened.It protects the roots from freezing in winter and overheating in summer.This tillering node for young plants should be below the edges of the hole 5-8 cm, for adults - 8-10 cm. Tillering node sprinkle clean sand with the addition of wood ash and powdered charcoal.After filling the hole completely, do well for irrigation of 15-20 cm from seedlings and watered again.Soil mulching with peat or humus.To reduce the overheating of the soil, to plant seedlings can tagetes, Cullen muzzle, lavender, phlox styloid.Supports for the vines need to be installed before the townsmen Coy or immediately after it, otherwise you can damage the root system.The diameter of the support for which will cling clematis should not exceed 2 cm.

Nina Trubina, researcher GBS RAS

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