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24 May 2016
We live in the forest gloom gardeners have several options.At first - to leave everything as it is, and accept the natural vegetation - it is clear, not all agree.The second way is more interesting - to take the area under the canopy of trees, ground-covering shrubs, and individual plots - dumping or decorative tile.But it does not always meet the chosen style, and also quite expensive.The most advantageous solution - in areas with low light planted shade-tolerant perennials.

These plants have a special charm.The main thing in them - not a beautiful and bright flowers, and original and very different leaves, giving a decorative appearance throughout.Unfortunately, not all popular shade-tolerant crops, common in the gardens of the Old and New Worlds, kept our climatic conditions.Yet the choice is.Many natural species and cultivars based on them are suitable for the creation of flower beds and in the middle lane.Most of them - the forest species growing under the canopy of trees and accustomed to a sho
rtage of light.

shadow shade discord - it is heavy or light, permanent or temporary.Therefore, plant shade grass species are adapted to a variety of lighting conditions.Often, their leaves are arranged alternately on the stems, not obscuring or overlapping (this phenomenon is called a mosaic sheet).Shape is also very diverse: lanceolate, reniform, heart-shaped, blade ... and unusual textures of leaves, raised veins, pubescent, color nuances - all this wealth of material provided by nature and breeding to produce spectacular garden compositions.

Shadow Grass good feel for soil moisture and high humidity.Optimal: for them fertile, loose, well-drained soil rich in humus and nutrients.

upper tier

Powerful plant with large leaves and high peduncles usually planted flower bed in the background, as if the view is open on all sides - in its central part.They look good on the background of low ground cover of grasses or lawn.

Dominate here may Telecom beautiful, gorgeous and nard macranthon with broad leaves and yellow flowers baskets, different Ligularia - gear, Wilson (large kidney-shaped leaves), Fisher and Witch (heart-shaped basal), Przewalski stenocephalous (serrated leaf blades).You can chose the spectacular Rogers konskokashtanolistnoy, stopolistnoy, feathery and buzinolistnoy with their large palmate leaves and tall panicles of flowers.Good darmera thyroid with rounded leaves, funnels, coloring autumn orange-red tones.In a large flower garden center of the composition can be Volzanka nettle complex pinnate leaves, which resembles a giant white Astilbe and or meadowsweet meadowsweet .High bushes Campanula latifolia with blue and white flowers in a shady garden will bring bright colors.

During flowering varieties of Japanese anemones and hybrid form the original two-tiered vegetation: the lower tier of the carved grayish leaves, and top - flower stalks with large pink, white or reddish flowers.In our climate, unfortunately, it can not grow one of the largest and most spectacular shade tolerance - Gunner rukavchatuyu.But in a large shady garden, it will replace butterbur wide with rounded leaves more than a meter in diameter.Serious lack of butterbur - aggressiveness, he should not be given to grow.

contrasted with broadleaf species are high ensiform iris leaves marsh , palmate aconite napellus and delicate fronds ostrich fern, Dryopteris or male Chistousov Asian .

middle tier

Against Giants shadow garden place mid-sized perennials.Among them - large hosts (Siebold, swollen, rock), May apple thyroid (with separate bright green leaves) or May apple Emoda (with spotty).

Cute group, highlight the dark corners of the garden, planted next to form a variety Brunner large- ('Silver Wings' with mottled leaves and 'Looking Glass' with silver).They combine glaucous leaves lamprocapnos and ornamental foliage Astilbe (Arends Japanese or Chinese).To this group belong geranium red-brown 'Samobor', Globe Asian and Chinese, Caucasian Scopoli with purple bells and large ovate leaves, Akvilegiya hybrid , original Hellebore black and oriental .A mottled background of the underlying surface forms ground elder 'Variegatum'.

create memorable planted in large groups Solomon's seal - many-flowered or broadleaf - with oval leaves on tall stems arcuate; Heuchera varieties and geyherell , dense clumps variegated lamiastruma zelenchukovogo .Decorative sprawling bushes with open or flowing leaves daylily species.

At this level, the shadow flower bed use and fairly low plants.This low and medium growth hosts (ox-grained, Fortune, small), Gorjanki (Colchis, grandiflora, red) , forming a dense cover of the hard heart-shaped leaves of different shades.

The herbal mix can add saxifrage Hybrid, Dryopteris Beech, lady-fern ('Minitissimum' and 'Acroladon'), Dicentra exceptional.And yet - white or lilac Tradescantia Anderson, lungwort (angustifolia, sugar with mottled leaves, steel shade 'Majesty' or 'Spilled Milk', which has silvery leaves with dark veins) and some types of Trillium.

lower tier

His prostrate form, and ground cover species.This is primarily evergreen pahizandra apical;Jefferson doubtful with elegant rounded leaves and flowers sirenevato; periwinkle with glossy foliage and variegated forms and argenteovariegata alba varie-gata.The light shade cover the ground a carpet loosestrife monetchaty , efemeropdnaya Sanguinar Canadian, stonecrop pobegonosny .And in the thick gloom of the forest grow vigorously hoofed (European, Canadian tailed IPT) and tiarella serdtselistnaya .Under the tree canopy feel good and noble pechenochnitsa, Maianthemum bifolium, starflower European, lily of the valley (form lineata with striped leaves and rosea with double or pink flowers).A stunted primrose (Julia Ushkovo, spring) adorn the shadow area is not only bright flowers, rosettes and elongated wrinkled leaves.

should not forget the onion, many of which grow well and bloom in light shade.It Galanthus Pushkin, Proleski, snowflake and muscari .

shadow on stone

Besides flower beds and free groups on the shaded area, you can create a shadow rockeries.For him the suit low grasses - Lamium maculatum , many stumps Vary hosts and Heuchera, Ajuga reptans, saxifrage shadow, spring pupochnik with flowers like forget-me-and others.Very decorative stones among some ferns - for example, ordinary centipede or spear-shaped mnogoryadnik .

shade near the water

along shady ponds, streams or stream with a bridge thrown over him attractive planted hygrophytes - plants prefer moist soil and wetlands.Not afraid of some of the excess moisture Brunner macrophylla, darmera thyroid, marsh marigold, ferns (Chistousov and strausnik), Highlanders and sedges .

From neighborhood to win water plants such as black cohosh and simple black cohosh luxury with rosette of leaves, above which rises a narrow dense brush inflorescences.

slightly away from the water - a great place for high-grade Rogers - 'Chocolate Wings' (a chocolate-bronze leaves and pink buds) and 'Superba' (large emerald leaves).

Andrew Lysikov, PhD.

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