I want your pond.

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23 May 2016
can safely look around and allow yourself to not only dream of, say, the pool, or a cozy corner, and the cool do, realization of this dream.

to prominence

man-made pond is usually placed in such a way that it could be seen from the house.Well, if the views of the water from the site and will for the rest.If your site is on a hillside pond.suit in the lower part, so that it looks the most natural.Fruit and vegetable and ornamental planting, which used fertilizers and plant protection products should be removed from the water as much as possible, to prevent its pollution with chemicals.Water and wetland plants need good light, so the pool should be at a place where the sun shines for at least 5 hours a day, preferably in the morning.It is not recommended to arrange a swimming pool under large trees, as falling leaves will spoil his appearance and pollute the water, and the roots can destroy the wall.


The easiest way to buy a plastic container for the garden pool, which
can be of various shapes and sizes.It is digged in the ground and filled with water, and aquatic plants are placed in special containers on ledges provided in the container or on the bottom.

can use the tin bath or trough.If skillfully decorate a pool of coastal plants, it will not look less impressive than store-bought.The pond can be made of concrete rings, used for the wells.Ring digged into the ground wholly or in part, or is allowed to stand on the surface.In the latter case, the pool wall decorated with stones, shells, reinforced with cement mortar on the surface of the ring.Can densely obsadit mini pool tall plants (irises, ferns, meadowsweet, loosestrife, large hosts).

At the bottom poured a layer of gravel 20 cm thick, abundantly watered it with water and thoroughly tamped.When the water is absorbed, the bottom pour cement mortar, allow it to dry and fill with water.

If moisture will still be leak out, it is recommended to dry the pool again, brush the bottom of the bitumen and the lower part of the wall and put a piece of plastic inside the ring.

classic way of ponds in the area - dig deepening the desired shape and size.To do this, first mark out a place for the pool, driving around the perimeter of the future reservoir wooden pegs (30 cm apart).Then take out the marked area land to the desired depth of the pond, plus 15 cm. The walls of the pit are doing gentle, do not forget to leave the ledges with a minimum width of 30 cm to accommodate aquatic plants.Ledges should be located along the perimeter of the hole at different distances from each other and at different depths, to the feeling of the natural landscape.Around the pond next cut strip of turf with a minimum width of 15 cm. In the construction of the pond one of its sides is advisable to make others less so there can drain off excess water during heavy rains.This low "squishy" Beach are planting large moisture-loving plants.

Coast section of the reservoir, which holds the lining film can be decorated with various materials: stone slabs, bricks, pebbles, logs or driftwood.From the bottom of the pit is removed all the stones, leveled it and poured a layer of fine sand, which is coated with an old blanket or newspapers.Then the pool is lined with a special butyl rubber or black film.Stack film is better on a warm sunny day, that the material was the most resilient.Stretch film from the center to the edges of the hole, securing it there with stones.Ideal to smooth the film does not work, and it is not necessary, as she straightened hanger water.Water was poured slowly through the hose.Within a few days, give the film deal and then fasten the edges thorough masking them with soil, pebbles.If your garden is too small or do not want to build a large body of water, you can make a "pocket," or portable, swimming pool, in a flowerpot or in a wooden tub.

Barrel before using the need to fill with water and leave for a few days to a tree and bulked up all the cracks, water tight, closed.Such small containers can be placed on plates in a recreation area, in the gazebo or in front of the house, and can be embedded in the ground by half or 2/3 of the height.The recovered at the device reservoir land is good to use for creating an alpine slide, placing it far away from the pond.

Important information

there are design rules, which recommend sticking with the device of any ponds:

1. Waters looks more natural and more picturesque than its impressive size.However, it should not take more than one third of the area of ​​the garden.Keep in mind that even a tiny pond is able to give a unique charm of the site, if you place it next to the rocky hill.

2. Recommended minimum water depth of 80 cm. This layer allows water to develop normally for most aquatic plants, and an opportunity to breed ornamental fish.

3. The shape depends on the place in the garden.Pools of regular geometric shapes look good at home.In the recreation area can deviate from a circular or rectangular shape.At the bottom of the garden, or over a large area would be best to look the wrong pond, close to the natural contours.Ponds with fountains preferable to do the geometric shapes and placed closer to home, or arbor in a recreation area, so you can enjoy the sound of water.

original sculpture will appear next to any body of water.Well, if it's a mermaid, fish, frog or duck.

Marina NOVOSELOVA, landscaper

"Our homestead" № 10-2007