Gardening drapery.

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23 May 2016
In nature there are no bare ground.She is generous, but bashful.Bare soil for planting handsomely reward the gardener, but quickly become scanty, windswept.Man's duty -prikryt bare land not occupied by plants.How to cover up?Cover with mulch.

What is mulch?

answer is ridiculously simple: mulch - this is what we decompose the layer on the bare ground.What exactly?Almost anything.There is word from English mulch, which means obkladyvat roots with straw, manure, grass, peat.However, today is not about that.Our conversation - a decorative mulch.

What decorative mulch?

1) marble chips (usually white)
2) chips (including painted)
3) pine cones
4) pine bark calibrated (large, medium, small)
5) pine nuts shells
6) gravel,pebbles
7) rubble
8) gravel painted

there any benefit?

Mulch not only beautiful - it benefits.Thanks to her:

- reduced water evaporation from the soil surface;

- reduces the risk of soil compaction;

- delayed the growth of weeds;

- improved physico-chemical charact
eristics of topsoil;

- enabled the development of beneficial microorganisms to plants.

Thanks mulch gardener less loaded with work.He rarely has to water the plants, it is easier to remove weeds and the soil does not need to loosen.

Is it beautiful?

Use mulch in landscape design - an ancient tradition.It is inherent in both regular Park West with their parterres in front facade of the palace and the eastern rocky gardens.

mulch sets off the beauty of the trees and bushes, and also allows you to combine them into one composition (especially in multi-tier device decorative edge).

her the strength to unite and stylistically different functional areas of the territory.

mulch allows you to enter into the landscape bright colors - blue, red, either.

It can replace the lawn decorating much or too moist shaded areas of the territory (some types of mulch, by the way, have drainage properties - gravel, crushed stone, gravel).Such a "lawn" is not necessary to plant, mowing, watering, that you will agree, in many respects facilitates care of the site.

Using mulch, we get greater freedom of action and the possibility of even a small area to create a variety of alternating lawns, flower beds, paving and, of course, the mulch.

How is it done?

mulch material is placed directly on the bottom 6-8 cm layer.It is at this thickness, the mulch will most beneficial effect on the upper layer of soil and hence to the plant.

If the material used is too heavy (such as gravel), it is possible to put a thin layer.In this case, between the mulch and the soil spread geotextile (and any fiberglass nonwovens).

finished mulching, it is desirable to limit the land suitable for the design of the fence - for example, the rim.

"Gardener" № 9-2007