Jungle grandchildren

By Admin | Landscape
21 May 2016

wood playground If they are still small, it is possible to confine a sandbox and swings.For grown-up children have needed more area where they will not only play, but also in sports.

important that the playground was not in the sun , well, if there is a cover of the old spreading trees.Around the area you can plant green hedges, shrubs only need to pick up without thorns and spines, and most importantly - do not contain toxic substances.Very easy to grow a hedge of unpretentious irgi, especially because children love to feast on its berries.

on a big old tree, you can build a house hanging .and then the way will be very fast-growing vines such as parthenocissus and hops.They will create a real jungle.

Children's playground is best to plant lawn grass is resistant to trampling. sure that paved paths did not enter the zone of swings Swedish wall, that is, that in case of a fall from the height of the child does not hit the stone or tile: it is desirable to break to pieces knees on the soft grass.hedge

If you want your child has grown in harmony with nature, loved the cottage, arrange with him on his site a small vegetable garden and flower garden. At this garden kid can grow only one cucumber plant two or three lettuce miniature shrub with small tomatoes.But to impose anything on him is not necessary, let it grow what they want.To fit magnificently blooming flower garden, but easy to care for plants - marigold, aster miniature, aregatum, fragrant verbena, viola perennial melkotsvetkovye, undersized gillyflower and snapdragons.Most likely, the child will be interesting to cultivate young and sedum - they are so different.

When choosing plants for flower beds and a children's playground near it there is one immutable rule: no thorny and poisonous plants!Therefore immediately removed from the list, or Daphne daphne, euonymus, barberry, etc.