Wood and stone - a profitable harmony

By Admin | Building Materials
18 May 2016
way, a traditional Russian village called Village by chance.Listen: the word "tree" and the "village" - the same root!It says that once all the buildings in the village were made of wood.In the modern suburban village or settlement, not all wooden houses: on the contrary - it seems that people are not afraid to experiment and use of new building materials.Still, most of the buildings in suburban settlements made of traditional materials such as wood or stone.Apparently, it is not only the desire to follow the traditions, but also in the favorable properties of the materials themselves.

What to choose?
stone - high material strength, and it is - its main advantage.Houses are built in stone for centuries, and after a long time, practically do not lose attractive appearance.Stone House is not afraid to damage the fungus, it will not burn to ashes in the fire.This house almost defies the adverse effects of the environment (temperature changes, precipitation).Massive, beautiful stone houses are like castle
s in which the noble aristocratic spirit combined with the reliability and high quality of construction.But in order to build for his family stone castle, we need significant financial investment.Stone and itself - an expensive material, in addition yet to spend on durable heavy foundation that can support the weight of this massive structure.

very important to properly insulate the stone house and arrange good ventilation.Centuries ago, when the thermal insulating materials of people did not know such houses had very thick walls - so that in winter was warmer.In such houses, and lived comfortably in the summer - is slowly heated stone sunlight.On the strength of the rock legends: Architects say they restored stone building, it is possible, even if it was by only a foundation.The wooden structure is not as durable.

House made of wood will cost much cheaper than the developer: in Russia this material is still considered one of the most affordable.Wooden House weighs much less than stone, which means it was built for a suitable lightweight version of the foundation, which will be cheaper.Wood - a soft material, and the construction of it can be erected much faster than stone.In addition, these homes are not in vain is sometimes called "carved tower" - the master can decorate a house with wooden lace patterns.The wooden house is different fertile climate: the air there is dry, light and saturated with volatile production - thanks to the natural filtration through the pores of the wood.

Still, wood, even if it is pine, which has high antibacterial properties, it is absolutely not protected from the fungus.Fungus - a scourge for the wooden buildings: the walls under its influence are initially unattractive gray, then they lose their strength and insulating properties.The second and perhaps the most important drawback is its low wood fire.Wooden houses are vulnerable to the influence of fire, especially if you do not use the special funds, one of which is a fire-retardant treatment, which is best carried out at the stage of building material (logs or timber) before of it will erect a building.

It is clear that the trees and the stone has both advantages and disadvantages.It is quite logical question builder: choose what material for the construction of the house, so it was both strong and intractable fire, and beneficial to the people's lives?What to prefer: heavy, strong, but quite expensive stone or light, attractive, but fuel wood?The way out - "home-hybrids" of stone and wood!For example: inside - wood, externally - a stone.

«House hybrids»
savvy Russian craftsmen have long practice of combining the positive properties of wood and stone.As a result, the process of "selection" are obtained very interesting "hybrid home".Here is one of them.Facing a wooden house a stone (or, alternatively, bricks).The main trick of this process is a ventilation gap that must be left between the wooden wall and the stone facing.This gap is usually filled with rock wool (insulation of stone wool).Lining is attached to the beam with strips of galvanized steel, bent in half - clamps.One end of the strip is attached to the beam, and the second - is put directly into the masonry structure.The resulting "hybrid" of stone and wood are good in that they retain the properties of natural materials - wood and stone: microclimate in the house is comfortable for family life due to natural ventilation through the pores of the wood (for this and left ventilation gap).At the same time, these houses are less susceptible to fire and the harmful effects of the environment: temperature changes at different times of the year, precipitation.Therefore, such a "hybrid home" will last much longer than the usual wooden houses.

However, not all people want to coat their wooden houses with stone.Are there more options to combine wood and stone?It turns out there!The stone - this natural non-combustible, durable material - can be inside a wooden house.How to do it?Everything is very simple."Settle" stone inside a wooden house can be, for example, insulated building insulation boards on the basis of stone wool.In general, insulation is necessary to all Russian homes because quite harsh climate of our country.Slabs of stone wool retain the advantageous properties of stone - they are non-flammable, does not deteriorate under the influence of the fungus and are long.Wooden house, warmed by such plates will be further protected from fire, as non-flammable insulating material prevents the spread of flame designs.A well-insulated with this material will be comfortable stone house in the cold season, and, of course, will disappear by itself need to build thick walls to keep warm.

What to prefer the developer - a tree or a stone?Nowadays, when invented many options "correcting" deficiencies of these natural materials, their choice - a matter of taste and budget.Wood and stone have different strengths and highlight their help, for example, modern building materials for thermal insulation based on stone wool