Reed roof

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18 May 2016
Over the last centuries, people used reed roof to protect your home.The flexibility of natural and compliance reeds make it one of the most unique natural materials with natural emancipation, allows you to experiment with a variety of shapes and styles.

Reed roof

Natural reed roof to keep warm in the house cold in winter and keep cool on a hot summer day, protects from showers, hail, snow shield from extreme temperatures.

Reed has undeniable architectural value and has a high level of technical capabilities.If we add to the above is also innovative methods of laying the roof, the roof of reeds popularity and straw increased in recent years, it is quite logical.

Reed roof

should be noted that not every kind of reeds for roofing.In the construction used Phiragmites australis, water reeds, which are the main advantages of durability, resistance to moisture and a long service life.

before the roof will cover the reed roof, the material goes a long way selection and pre-processing.Initially cane stalks are sorted
according to the established criteria - reeds must fit the definition of size, performance strength, flexibility, and emptiness.Then the selected material undergoes special treatment chemicals that enhance the protective properties of reeds and protect it from the effects of mold, various atmospheric phenomena and parasites.Furthermore, to enhance refractory properties applied impregnation special modern means.

Reed roof

As a result, the manufacturer gets a reed roofing carpet thickness (30 cm) allows the installation of a roof without the use of additional funds for the roof insulation.The fact that the reed roof refers to "breathing" materials that do not require thermal insulation, waterproofing, vapor barrier and ventilation systems.

following types of reed and straw roofs:
• Danish
• Dutch
• English
• American
• German

Installation thatched roof

Cane roof installed on a previously prepared lathing and truss system that have sufficient strength and can withstand35-40 kg / m roof membrane.

first crate to spread bundles of reeds, then it strengthens the base of stainless steel wire, which is firmly fastened to the front of mounting furring using copper or brass screws.Then, all the metal parts are covered top with another layer of reed, which makes them invisible from outside.

Reed roof

To set the reed roof of a country house usually takes about three to four weeks, depending on the total roof area.

reed roof can be used to cover the roofs of buildings of various types and sizes, but there are only limitation - the installation must take into account the slope of the roof.If the roof does not provide for dormers, the slope must be at least 30 °, if the project involves the window - the slope should be at 45 °.If the building is in an area of ​​high mountains and snowy areas implied roof pitch up to 50 °.

Naturally, reed roof installation is estimated much higher than the installation of ceramic or metal.However, there is no need to install waterproofing, insulation and gutter leads to significant savings.Depending on the complexity, the average cost of installing the roof is about 80 euros.

Although that reed roof made from natural plant material, it does not attract rodents and birds.The special design and installation guidelines, bundles of reeds fit tightly and rodents do not have enough space for movement and the creation at the top moves and burrows.The severity and strength of the structure, in turn, prevent stretching of individual stems of reeds birds