Finishing the attic

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17 May 2016

Fitted attic room was the first building experience sMaxim.He had a country house 5,5h5,5 m abandoned upper floor, which served as a repository for materials and different stuff.


Room height was about two meters in length - 4,5 m, width (with wings) - 4.8 m. The walls are 15 cm thick, the floor - 10 cm, the ceiling - 20 cm. There werenarrow hole on the first floor and unattractive chimney.Uncovered below the pediment invited into the house a lot of the first snow.In a plain box, and the gap periodically peeking into the room and a cold breeze.There was a lot of unnecessary things and chaos around.


finishing the attic began with the removal of the floorboards and floor insulation.For ladder was cut in the ceiling of the first floor length (size of the opening - 2,2h0,8m).Simple ladder sMaxim collected himself: size guide sawed off, and then - step, all sealed with reinforced steel corners.Installed ladder and attach to it the other - smaller all round obbili finishe

d panel.

winter, the owner gradually completed the first floor, and with the coming of spring began to attic.The first step is self-installed windows, then closed the gap under the pediment breathable material, after making crate.


sMaxim prepared for roof insulation: filled bars 50x50 mm, on top of them nailed wind insulation, bought about 7 cubes of foam and assembly foam.Izospan forumchanin construction stapler is attached to the ceiling and slopes.The ceiling is insulated in four layers of foam 10 cm, pediments and rays - 5 cm. Then forumchanin nailed bars and insulated rays and gables another 5 cm. Under the gables using mineral wool, covering it from top foam.Another 10 cm was insulated ceiling and 5 cm - rays and pediments (total - 15 cm).

foam sheet can be stuck to the mounting foam.

owner paroizoliroval all seams taped with duct tape, and on top IZOSPAN nailed bars 50h50mm to ensure the gap between the insulation and the interior decoration of the lining.


sMaxim transformed trumpet groundwork cracks with a spatula, then - building a float and coated with a solution (one part sand mixed with four parts of clay).

After forumchanin assembled built bed and stoned her clapboard.The next step was made built-in speakers and a subwoofer with backlight.Then the owner began to assemble the cabinet and shelves.Frame sheathed clapboard, pre paving wires.It was found the mirror, made retractable from under the bed box and sheathed ceiling.

It is the turn of handrails.sMaxim cut a square in the floor, which poured glue.Pre-purchased balusters and one large terminal screwed metal corners.EXAMPLE length handrail and the floor collected whole structure by means of screws and glue.

were then trimmed from the inside of the window: Members made plastic window sills and slopes, wooden cashing.It was painted in two layers, after which the owner started the fire.At first, he prepared a framework that balances screwed drywall.Top pasted decorative stone (1 sq. M).

uneven floor postrogal manual plane and put him under the two types of substrate laminate.Nearly two hours (without cutting) was spent on the installation of laminate with firewood for the heater.Eaves gables sMaxim sewed sheet with foil with a stapler.Subsequently, he plans to sheathe their siding.

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