Never flowing!

By Admin | Building Materials
16 May 2016

WHY roof covered with Onduline does not flow?

secret features Onduline roofing system, as it is a roofing system, not a particular material, protects the house from the elements.Take, for example, metal roofing - sturdy, durable, certainly not flowing material itself.A roof covered with metal occur very often.
What is the problem?The relevant features of the roofing system and its functioning.

for clarity compare how, in terms of leaks, functioning system ONDULIN and metal roofing.

As we have said, roofing material, whether slate, metal, Onduline or tile - in itself is not flowing.Flow, usually a variety of joints, overlaps, and the fixation point, holes punched in the roof tiles with nails or screws.

The roof Ondulin a nail hammered into the top of the wave, where the water quickly rolls, and the likelihood that a serious leak may occur, is extremely small.In turn the screws fastening metal roofing is carried out in the lowest point of the profile, where rain occurs during a raging torrent.If on

his way there is even a small hole, the water rushes back under pressure.

Consider now "under the microscope" What happens in the attachment points of roofing material.

So, we made our way ondulin sheet metal nail.Then cut ondulin made nail starts to produce microscopic droplets of bitumen, which is completely sealed gap between the nail and roofing.

Around the same thing happens in the overlapping sheets.To warm up the summer sun, as it were glued together sheets, creating an ideal roof waterproofing.

what happens in the point of fixation of metal roofing.

As is known, the metal tends to significantly expand and contract depending on the temperature.

numerous cycles of expansion and contraction leads to a gradual "raznashivaniyu" holes - increasing gap between the roofing sheet and screws.Accordingly, it is increasing the likelihood of leakage.

have roof screws securing the metal, of course, there is a rubber seal designed to isolate the hole.But here's the rub - many sellers prefer to purchase a metal roof on the side and offer the cheapest and, therefore, low-quality Chinese hardware.

In this case, the material of the seal is likely not modified with special additives, protecting against ultraviolet radiation.As a result of such a pad is literally "burned" for a couple of years, the way the water is open.Are each low-quality screw - a potential hole.On the other hand, Ondulin delivers a complete hardware only and monitors its quality.

few words about the fixture.WHY 20 NAILS?

Some believe that it is possible and less.No less impossible.

the summer of 1998 in the Moscow region was a strong hurricane.One of our dealers, his former client said that part Ondulina his roof blew gale-force wind."But I'm not complaining," - said the man."In my Onduline roof was nailed ten nails and a neighbor - twenty.And he has no problems from the storm. "That's the story.Let us learn from the mistakes of others!

Sheet ondulin 20 nails and create a single roof structure.Nails give it strength and rigidity.

THAN NAILS - Less rigidity and strength.And there are no guarantees.