Wooden bricks

By Admin | Building Materials
16 May 2016

Wooden bricks - this, in essence, a small length of the wooden beam with special locking fastening.Installation of the wall of these bricks do not require high skills and takes a little time.No additional gaskets and sealants.

this building material is produced from high-quality softwood - larch, pine, fir, cedar.Before treating the wood necessarily dried, after which the material having a moisture level of 8 - 10%, is sent for machining.Processing all exposed brick surface, and after the finish polishing wooden bricks are of high quality, which allows not to apply additional finishing.You can restrict the surface treatment of the finished walls with wax.The most common bricks with dimensions of 650 * 190 * 60 mm, but thanks to the flexibility of the process, you can order other sizes of wooden bricks.

The main advantage of this material is that the timber from which it is made, well dried, and therefore, assembled from wooden brick house does not need to withstand the shrinkage and shrinkage, as a

traditional log cabin.Raising a house made of wooden bricks can immediately start finishing works, installation of windows, doors and stairs.Also

wooden bricks, unlike large timber, not deformed during drying, so bricks have an almost perfect form and tightly adjacent to each other without forming gaps.

It is also important that the construction cost is significantly reduced, as the reduced need for large vehicles and there are no costs for sealers, sealants, plaster and glue mixture.Naturally, that the house collapsed, he needed reliable structural elements, such as crowns and posts, for the manufacture of glued wood can be used, its use does not increase the cost of construction.

a superficial familiarity with the technology can give the impression that the house of wooden bricks get little interest in terms of architecture.But this is not the case, room for imagination in the design opens to a large, as there are no restrictions imposed by the length of the logs or timber.You can build a house, decorated with any architectural elements: bay windows, galleries, turrets, balconies - anything is possible.Also, thanks to standardized dimensions of bricks is possible to increase the area of ​​the house by an extension of additional premises.

Manufacturing techniques of wooden bricks is patented by Russian manufacturers have similar technology in other countries.Among the views expressed by the representatives on this building complex, there are different points of view.Ecological purity of wooden bricks and aesthetic properties, is celebrated by all as the undoubted merits of the material.But there are also skeptical statements regarding the strength of the walls of houses and the suitability of the wooden bricks to the Russian climate.

Of course, in each case, to do precise calculations of heat loss of the building to determine whether it is necessary to insulate the house, and which method to apply the insulation.But it is undeniable that for the construction of summer houses, as well as internal partitions wooden brick is one of the best materials.

Widespread use of this material can be found, and to create landscape compositions on the plot.From the wooden bricks can quickly build a light garden structures, fencing, layered beds, and more.It's safe to say that the handyman who wants to decorate the house and the area of ​​an original design, will appreciate the features that makes the wooden bricks.