Thermal insulation, condensation and silence

By Admin | Building Materials
16 May 2016

ONDULIN, unlike metals, practically no heat.

That is a much higher insulating qualities.Under ondulin warmer in winter and cooler in summer.And the difference is very noticeable.Many years ago, colleagues in Malaysia have shown a very simple presentation of high thermal insulation properties Ondulina.

We were offered to put his hand under the hood from Ondulina.It felt that under this canopy was air conditioning.For those non-insulated attic in summer exploits the difference between ondulin and metal, it can be very substantial.

ONDULIN virtually no condensation occurs.

result of the high thermal conductivity of metal is condensation.This water droplets on the inner surface of the roof, which then fall down on your head, for insulation, sheathing, who knows what else.Sometimes condensate leaks are so large that the suspected violation of the roof.And in fact the roof flows from the inside!But Ondulin virtually condenses the moisture, respectively, and additional protection from condensation unde

r the roof is not necessary.

ONDULIN no noise in the rain.

Another important advantage Ondulina is that the roof does not make noise in the rain.A metal noise and very cool.Rate this advantage completely may, of course, the only one who spent the night in heavy rain under the roof metallocherepichnoy.But trust me on the floor - it's not sugar.It's not that pleasant sound of the rain outside the window, a sleep so well in the country.This hum drum roll into one.And under ondulin almost unheard of.Your rest and sleep is not disturbed by anything.

few years ago, we realized delivery Ondulina a huge farm for breeding mink in the Kaliningrad region.Before the farm was covered with metal, but, as we have explained, the noise in the rain very much frightened animals.Now under ondulin mink live in peace.

Another story about animals.The owner of the horse arena in Finland covered Ondulin 20 years ago, among the advantages of this roof include: the spring the snow come down from Ondulina instantly big blocks as was the case with metal.Noise of this snow melts, much frightened horses.

already wanted to take the materials to the press when, where we have two weeks to answer questions of visitors, one of the permanent members of the forum, Mikhail of Tver region has sent a comment.

quoted him verbatim:
- «I want to share a thought.I think you ondulinovye advertisers, completely forgotten about another one, IMHO, a very significant advantage to Ondulina metallokrovley.It is a neutral signal to the cellular communication in a weak signal area!Let me explain.I'm building a new wooden house, he was covered with Onduline.

Near the area like the house, covered with corrugated galvanized.So: there is almost no signal, it shields the roof!We have to go out and talk to the phone leaning close to the window from the tower.Not very much, of course, comfortable ... Therefore, when choosing a roofing material for a new home there was no doubt - only a non-metallic.
Chose Ondulin until very happy! »