Ondulin and other roofing materials

By Admin | Building Materials
14 May 2016

Ondulin Compared with other materials, then:

Ondulin several times lighter, with all the consequences listed above.Ondulin, unlike slate, color and complete the roof.All necessary accessories, components constitute Onduline roofing system.Slate - it just lists, even do not have special skates.Ondulin can not split like slate, it is much easier to cut and nail.

Ondulin much, 15 times lighter.Good waterproofing is much easier to achieve when using Ondulina.Roof work easier, and the cost of the roof Ondulin - below.

Shingles Shingles
very good roofing material.Just as with ondulin, leaks are virtually eliminated.Roofing shingles with, of course, more complex and time-consuming.The cost of the finished roof is significantly higher, bearing in mind the cost of tiles and a solid sheathing of plywood or OSB.

OTHER bitumen sheets
Unfortunately, it happens that the inexperienced consumers who plan to buy Ondulina, unscrupulous sellers offer some bitumen sheets, passing them off as Ond

uline.As a rule, these sheets are significantly cheaper.

Why?First of all, because they are considerably thinner.A thinner - so much less reliable.They say more - analogue Ondulin.Not True!Ondulina unique production technology, and like the outer leaves, we would not have called analogues, and imitation.Do you want to on the cheap imitation of the roof?Then you are not for us.And if we then keep in mind - each sheet is now embossed logo Ondulin.

The reader of this text may wonder why we constantly compare ONDULIN with metals, but not with other roofing materials?

fact that this metal has more in common with Onduline.And Ondulin, and have the form of large metal sheeting and both materials are light, one price category (except for expensive imported varieties of metal).That there is a certain group of buyers chooses between ondulin and metal.

As they say: "metal roofing in the mentality of the Russians."It seems to be no need to explain what it is good.A Ondulin unconventional material in Russia.He came from France 16 years ago, which, however, is made for 65 years.So I explain what it is good compared to the metal needs no advertising.By the way, the great popularity of metal roofing for residential buildings - a unique feature of the Russian construction market.In Europe and America metal positioned primarily as a coating industrial buildings.There are, of course, a small housing sector, especially in northern Europe.But the situation is far from Russia.

Why did it happen?Why is metal, not shingles, both in the US and Canada, we have got a great development.I think the reason quite subjective.One of them - a cheap ticket to the profiling of metal roofing.How many Russian manufacturers shingles?Two.

What profilers, stamps and corrugated metal roofing?Probably hundreds.The answer is simple - the plant for the production of shingles is not less than half a billion rubles, and simple machine for profiling can not cost more than a million.

If we were talking about the production, it would like to note that in winter 2012 start of the second production line Ondulina in our factory in Nizhny Novgorod.The total investment in this production facility will reach 2 billion rubles.