Gyproc-Ultra: a reliable profile for drywall

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14 May 2016

Why professionals choose plasterboard system?

Today we face an ever greater choice of building materials and technologies.In particular, the most innovative.Construction of gypsum boards on a metal frame are increasingly replacing usual plaster on the traditional laying of bricks and blocks.The technology allows to erect drywall constructions partitions, leveled walls or ceilings without dust and dirt for a few hours.

pasteboard systems: benefits

1. Work carried out quickly
2. Overlap and foundation experience less stress
3. Cost-effective construction, less the costs of preparing for the final finishing of premises
4. The area becomes larger
5. acousticsrooms with gypsum board partitions better.

will understand that, what it consists of plasterboard construction.Base - frame made of special profiles.Today in Russia there are many manufacturers that produce these materials from huge plants to artisanal production.To help you make the right choice when purchasing profiles for plasterboard sy

stems, we will discuss what characteristics should have a really good product.

Hard profile - defining property framework

Profile for plasterboard structures - complex engineering system.Firstly it must be durable, while at the same time - an easy and convenient to use.

strength profile affects the thickness of the metal, and the larger it is, the better will be the material.
usually smooth profile should have a minimum thickness of 0.55 mm.Handicraft makers, wanting to entice inexperienced buyer, filled the market with low-cost profile of a conventional sheet metal thickness up to 0.25 mm.

This should be decisive in choosing the profile.Faulty material is easily bent, twisted into a spiral, and sometimes sags under its own weight.Use these materials in construction can not be as fragile structure, created on the basis of cheap and low-quality profile may then be very dangerous!

Gyproc-Ultra - durable, reliable and lightweight profile

Thickness - one of the most important characteristics of a profile for drywall, affecting its strength.But if it is excessive, it becomes a major drawback.Profile becomes heavy, awkward to work with him.

combine two characteristics such as strength and the optimal thickness profile, the company managed to Gyproc.The manufacturer has developed an innovative framework for plasterboard structures, which combined the high performance and reasonable thickness profile.This product is called Gyproc-Ultra.

partner in the creation of this innovative material was the company Hadley, a world expert in the field of metalworking.As a result, the technology has been created plsotrudnichestva UltraSteel®.This method of cold hardening steel sheet enhances its strength and gives the material unique features that facilitate installation and make the design durable.

After processing the steel sheet becomes smooth relief.The protrusions and recesses are arranged symmetrically in two perpendicular directions, whereby the metal is better resists bending.This directly affects how the partition on the frame profile Gyproc-Ultra will behave subsequently pressurized to it.

Just because corrugated metal screw to get out of such a surface is much more difficult.The framework will be better attached to other surfaces and structures, it will be possible to hang heavier regiment.

in Gyproc-Ultra provides several holes that become visible after the bend right tab.In this state, it becomes an additional stiffening rib, and it does not deform the profile of the edge when screwing screws.

Instant installation Profile Gyproc-Ultra

work with profile Gyproc-Ultra is much more convenient than the other, smoother material.The unique topography simplifies specialists.The ridges and grooves on the surface of the two connected sections are permanently connected to one another by tongue and groove, the frame can be adjusted until the accession of drywall, which speeds up the assembly process.

The corrugated surface easier to screw the screws

corrugated surface Gyproc-Ultra lets you easily without slipping zasverlivat screws.

What to look for when choosing a profile?

First of all, pay attention to the thickness of the material.Simulators are generally thinner than the original, and sometimes simply made of "foil".

Second, keep in mind that Gyproc-Ultra crimped to the full depth, while the fakes are only a small incision.

Third, the maximum strength can be achieved only with a uniform mechanical action on a piece of metal.What, in fact, the essence of technology UltraSteel®.

In conclusion, between the surfaces of the two joined profiles form a solid contact "tongue and groove" only if the pattern has a symmetrical pattern.Move your hand on Gyproc-Ultra: the surface wavy indentations and elevations.At the same simulators it is smooth.

Main when choosing a profile for plasterboard structures - not the price, and the properties of the material.Savings in this case may not lead to the most desired results.So be careful when choosing the material and buy a real profile of Gyproc-Ultra from reliable partners Gyproc Saint-Gobain.

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