Green Evolution

By Admin | Building Materials
12 May 2016

harmoniously combine all of these elements is designed to "green building", whose purpose - not only to create environmentally friendly housing, but also the preservation of the planet's ecology.

¬ęgreen" building is connected not only with environmentally friendly in the broadest sense.This is how the building effectively "work", how well, rationally and without harming the environment, they function as the protection of the fortress.Today, almost no construction is not complete without a heat-insulating shield as an important component of the building.

To create a comfortable environment, a person needs to heat the house during the cold weather, and in hot weather - cool.And then, and another spent a huge amount of energy and fuel.The first is money, and secondly, the resources that environmentalists call cherish.Finally, the burning of the fuel, as is known, leads to emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and - the greenhouse effect.Insulation allows for a 50% reduction in heat loss and sum

mer protect the house from overheating.And at the same time protect the wall of the house from the temperature changes and precipitation, as well as save money on building materials - in fact due to warming of walls can be made thinner.

many familiar fiberglass insulation URSA GLASSWOOL.For many years it was successfully used in the construction, material and even for decades to protect the house from heat and cold.But technology does not stand still, and responsible manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to make your stuff better, better, more environmentally friendly.And in the course of the natural evolution of a new product line URSA GEO (URSA GEO), which replaced the URSA GLASSWOOL.

Underlying materials URSA GEO, as before - quartz sand, a renewable natural resource.Mineral insulation inherited all the positive properties of sand - does not burn, does not absorb water, does not rot or deteriorate over time.When creating materials URSA GEO uses a new eco-technology GEO, which combines three elements - the use of natural ingredients, improved recipe and respect for nature in the production process.

materials URSA GEO different and improved quality.Good thermal insulation have to be durable (lifetime URSA GEO - not less than 50 years) and is not subject to deformation.Other important characteristics of the product - flexibility and resilience.This is the only material able to ensure a good seal.

But the concept of quality includes not only good thermal insulation properties of the material, which must be granted, but also something more - durability and reliability.Materials used in the construction and decoration, should ensure a high level of environmental performance in service.Mineral insulation URSA GEO helps to keep the house clean and fresh air.Emissions of volatile compounds in the product is 10-15 times lower than accepted in Europe and in Russia as the norm.In addition, the breathable structure of the material well-permeable to water vapor, and insulated exterior walls are always dry and no moisture - no unpleasant smell.

Modern technology can work wonders.They even impossible turns into quite an ordinary phenomenon - for example, five is greater than 12.How is it possible?First, you must mention one particular mineral insulation based on glass fibers.When using indoor materials URSA GEO provide excellent sound insulation.And ... partition with insulation thickness of only 5 cm prevents extraneous sounds better than a brick partition wall thickness of 12 cm. The noise level in the building is reduced by 2 times.A acoustic comfort, agree, along with the warmth - an important component of a cozy house, where a person can always retire and concentrate.

Nature - a unique ecosystem.All its elements are balanced and interrelated.We have much to learn from her: to achieve harmony in the private can be always thinking about the general.So, we must look beyond, to think about the future, worry about the world and a great start small - with its "green" home.