Repair bathrooms with their own hands?

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12 May 2016

time has come for our rukodelniku nomads draw attention to the fact that there is a need in cosmetic repair bathrooms, with characteristic for typical buildings 60-70s size and layout.So, what horizons open before the nomads as a field for the battle for a new life bathrooms?

After dismantling and inspection of plumbing pipes turned out that not only have to replace the tiles and faucets, but also all the pipes, toilet and a flexible liner.A change of the old flowing towel warmer, require the involvement of a specialist, making repairs in the capital of cosmetic.

So Nomad started to work.It was knocked old tiles, using a hair dryer, and construction spatula glue residue removed and old paint from the walls and floor in the bathroom.Tiles on the floor in the bathroom, where she held fast, was left as the basis for a new floor.The doors have been removed, remove the old door frames.

if possible is to remove the old floor tiles completely.This will check the status of old sealing

the floor and, if necessary, update it.

followed became necessary with the help of the Bulgarian dismantled iron sewage pipes in the bathroom and toilet, which are already beyond repair.Nomads came to the conclusion that the best option would be to replace them with plastic tubes d 50 mm, which if necessary can be easily removed and cleaned.The toilet was given a new corrugated pipe, which is attached to the drain and toilet bowl with a rubber adapter and gaskets.The flexible corrugation has helped to further move the toilet from wall to wall when laying tiles on the floor and walls.

parallel with the dismantling of old pipes and cleaning the walls, was replaced in the tub drain and overflow, supplied with the new flax and paste Unipak eyeliner bathtubs and sinks, was removedflexible connection standpipe and put strainers on the hot and cold water.

For flexible connection of water to a tank of the toilet should be installed valve to shut off the water supply.This allows you to quickly turn off the water, without resorting to a complete shutdown of water in the apartment.

Immediately after major works to remove old wall and floor coverings, as well as the removal and replacement of pipes, Nomads put the toilet floor tiles and put a new toilet.After all, we must not forget that the repair was made in the apartment where people continued to live.

nomads had a pretty tricky doorways, since they do not fit the new standard doors for bathrooms.The problem was solved by a wooden beam tie openings.Through this door frames were inserted successfully hinged doors, locks are cut and glued trims from the corridor.

between the doors, from the corridor, has been completely replaced with aluminum wiring with copper wire.A hole in the wall is prepared for new Mortice switches.

recommended to carry out the installation of the door after all the "dirty" work in the room bathrooms to avoid damage and stubborn dirt cover leaf.

Then came the turn of the installation of the new towel warmer.Nomads decided not to use plastic pipes.To carry out its plans to transfer towel warmer, nomads had to turn to the plumbing of DEZa who put overlapping reinforced ball valves on the riser with hot water and is welded to the riser jumper that during work in the apartment, the neighbors are not affected by disabling the hot water.

Jumper (bypass) makes it possible to further simplify the maintenance work on the towel warmer without turning off the hot water around the riser.

If desired, set the rotary model towel warmer, it should be remembered that because of the hot water installation in the joints may require frequent replacement.

All further repairs to bathrooms nomads did himself.For the new towel warmer, he chose galvanized pipes, collected with the help of his own brass corners.The pipe was hidden in the wall, where grinder cuts were made.

Well, and now it was the turn tile.Tile was selected 10x10 cm, with jagged edges that mask imperfect masonry carried out by inexperienced tiler, as well as intended.

After a long study of the market, glue and primer were selected "Lugato".They correspond to the conditions applied to a flexible surface, in this case, a sheet of asbestos.At 12 square meters of walls and floor 2 sq took exactly 3 bags of 25 kg.The adhesive can be applied on the wall, and on the tile as convenient tiler.Putting can be from the top down - tile without slipping.Mouldings and nut in the bathroom and toilet nomads made from tiles.For smooth cutting tiles had to buy a tile cutter.For cutting holes for switches nomads used grinders.

The toilet can be spread several rows of tiles, and the remaining area of ​​the walls covered with waterproof paint.

After installing the bath to avoid leakage along the perimeter can be used sealants.And you can take advantage of special curb tape, one side of which is put under the tile, and the second is on the edge of the bath.In this case tile is laid after bath exhibited exactly in place.

The bathroom mirror was bought almost the entire wall - 120x60 cm and decided to fix it flush with the tiles.To this end, the rear mirror was glued tires on the required thickness of 3M double-sided tape.Also, the entire rear surface of the nomads tape pasted on the case if the mirror is broken.

Now it's time to do the ceiling.Because the ceilings in these baths, and so low, and the wish of his wife nomads were done in the bathroom and toilet suspended ceilings with built-in lights, it was decided to mount directly to the ceiling bars 2 cm for fixing outboard panels.And under the lamp to cut a hole in the ceiling with asbestos cement.Since between the ceiling and the bathroom floor slab was 20 cm of empty space.

to the bar were attached plastic panels, which have been pre-cut holes for the lights and fans.Fans, by design, are included together with the main light.The lamps were chosen energy-saving, with low heat, which is important for the bathroom.

The bathroom should be moisture-proof models of lamps used.For flush ceiling lights above them need to leave space for ventilation and heat dissipation.Do not forget about the local lighting mirror, as well as about the more secure outlet for connecting hair dryer, electric shaver, or charging for toothbrushes.

next step was grouting, before installing the towel rail, sink, faucets "Damixa" and a variety of bathroom accessories.The holes under the sink nomads drill special drill for holes in the tile and glass.

Now we can put the past accents as the final chord repair.Attach door frames inside a bathroom and toilet.Attach a variety of accessories that are not nomads advises stint as purchased with anodized market accessories for bathrooms very quickly peel off the coating.And put everything in its place.Giving bathroom and toilet habitable views created in these small, neat, updated rooms and comfort.

Yes, another tip from the nomads , which can be very useful for the budget hosts.

«I bathroom itself, though old, but in excellent condition, cast iron, enamel whole whole.But for many, many years formed the rusty patina of water dripping from a faucet.My wife said - if you will remove plaque, it is possible to leave the bathroom - if not, buy a new one.Plaque that is so strongly ingrained that not scour any cleaning agents - no comets or white, as it is not soaked ... And then I visited the mere thought.The fight with rust - rust converter!Sold in any auto - guys know.

As they say - the hostess on the note.Rusty raid was completely erased in 1 minute!But first try to drive to another site is not noticeable.Suddenly you have another enamel and it will corrode it ... Yet phosphoric acid .. I have remained intact enamel. »

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