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By Admin | Building Materials
12 May 2016

Vinyl Laminate with lock of Holzplast VINYKLICK

Vinyl flooring with a unique lock VINYKLICK - is a simple and fast installation of vinyl board.Whatever the design solution you may have conceived, in the first look at this product.This vinyl board can be placed in any direction, which expands your ability to individually furnished any interior.In addition to aesthetics, vinyl laminate on Holzplast extremely practical: it is easy to care for him a pleasure to walk barefoot, and shoes, and its water resistance makes it suitable for any space.

Product advantages

  1. variety of shapes and textures for your design decisions.
  2. Resistance to changes in temperature, deformation, abrasion and shock.
  3. sound reduction, pleasant tactility, ecology, hygiene.
  4. Easy to install in any direction from the center of the room.
  5. suitability for use in residential and public premises.
  6. use as a coating in the regeneration of underfloor heating.
  7. possibility of dismantling and reinstallation of up to 30 times!

design vinyl straps with lock VINYKLICK

Due to construction and design, vinyl laminate on Holzplast may be the solution for your entire apartment.Its upper layer - it is impact-resistant wear-resistant and waterproof polyurethane coating.Thanks to him, the laminate can be installed not only in the rooms but also in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway.Next comes antislip abrasive layer of PVC.Due to a vinyl strap has a texture.Under abrasive layer - decorative PVC film with pattern to choose from.All these layers are supported on a shockproof, soundproofing, durable PVC.On all sides of vinyl strap equipped with interlocks VINYKLICK , made of high impact polystyrene.

VINYKLICK - revolutionary technology Holzplast

When laying conventional laminate or parquet is always important to follow the trend, and this limits you in the action.The system locks Viniklick provides a quick and easy installation, snapping straps to each other on either side, and putting them to any corner or center.If you work brigade, installation of vinyl flooring from Holzplast can transform your room almost instantly.Such effect does not give any of the known Russian flooring!

your opportunities:

  • using vinyl plank Holzplast in various color combinations and making them laying in different directions, you have maximum flexibility to implement their design ideas.
  • If you care about the environment, vinyl laminate on Holzplast created for you.When disposing of it can be completely recycled without harming the environment.
  • German equipment, which made these products guarantees you high quality vinyl board.

Flooring Holzplast c lock VINYKLICK buy very easy!The dealer network and direct sales stores from the company Holzplast waiting for you!Call and come to you in a convenient point of sale, consulting the addresses and phone numbers on the site - and soon your home will be laid floor of your dreams.

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