Building blocks.

By Admin | Building Materials
11 May 2016

Wall blocks have many advantages, primarily due to the large size of blocks you can save on binders, besides, reduces time-consuming work on the construction of walls and reduces construction time.

Many new generation units easier conventional brick and therefore reduce the weight and design, respectively, the load on the foundation.Besides being able to save in the construction of the foundation of this property allows you to build houses out of blocks on problem soils, making the units more versatile building material.

It is also important that the blocks are manufactured on the latest technologies, have aesthetic appearance and rich color palette.Because of this there is scope for the application of the original architectural solutions, and, again, the opportunity to reduce the cost of facing and decorative materials.

The building has long used these types of blocks as mixes, expanded clay, concrete, gas silicate, polystyrene blocks as well as cinder blocks and concrete blocks.But in this artic

le we will pay attention to blocks that can be attributed to a new generation of building materials - is Besser blocks and ceramic blocks of porous ceramics.

Besser blocks

production technology Besser blocks came to us from the United States.These blocks are made by dry vibrocompression with subsequent heat treatment, the starting material is a mixture of sand, gravel and cement of special sorts.The technology enables to produce a wide variety of units to destination can be divided into wall and partitions, in the form of internal cavities - for full-bodied, dvuhpustotnye and slotted.These blocks are available in many colors, to give decorative blocks created different textures front surface - smooth, raised, embossed, etc.

mixes Besser blocks have a strength comparable to the strength of natural stone hardwood, high frost resistance and durability.The benefits should include blocks and high precision geometrical shape that facilitates the process of installation.Exterior finish designs of Besser-block is not required.Internal voids allow, if necessary, create a hidden frame in the body wall voids can be used for the construction of communications.

If you compare the process of construction of the wall of Besser blocks and traditional bricks, we can see that the load on the foundation in the case of units will be 2 times less as 2 times reduced labor costs due to the lack of operations, such as checking plumband the level, pre-hydration and so on. More than 5 times reduced consumption solution for masonry.

order to improve the thermal conductivity in the compound for the manufacture of blocks Besser-added concrete block.Such blocks have a lower thermal conductivity, but, at the same time, the strength decreases and the blocks, and therefore reduces the bearing capacity.In aggregate concrete blocks there is another drawback - they are afraid of water, so they erected the outer walls of the need to coat any material or plaster.

Walling of Besser blocks does not require highly skilled mason.Should pay attention not only some features of the technology of their installation.First of all, it is necessary to work carefully, since the front surface is not processed surfacing materials, care must be taken to avoid smudges solution.Laying solution should only longitudinal ribs and vertical edges of the end faces of the blocks.Before applying the solution blocks do not need to moisturize, but it should be cleaned of dust and debris.For convenience, it should be kept and install units so that the top side was having a thickening of the transverse ribs have.The site, which will be executed styling units should mark precisely in order to keep the length of the walls of the multiplicity of block size.

Ceramic blocks

Developers of large-porous blocks to create a material helps to reduce heating costs by increasing the thermal resistance.Consider the technological features of the blocks that make of this building material stuck the name "warm ceramics".

ceramic blocks, as well as traditional bricks made of clay.The raw materials for small blocks added sawdust, which burn out during manufacture of the block.Formed as a result of the pores contribute to the improvement of thermal insulation properties and increase the diffusion of water vapor, ie the walls of the porous blocks "breathe" in the room sets the optimum humidity level.

half the volume of the ceramic block are slit-shaped cavities, thanks to them becomes longer heat flow path, and as a result, increased thermal insulation properties.Thus, the wall erected from porous blocks, do not require additional insulation.In addition, these units have excellent insulating properties and light weight helps to reduce the load on the foundation by reducing the weight of the wall.

Another feature of the units, which must be mentioned is pazogrebnevyh form of the lateral surface.This shape allows not using mortar in the vertical joints, which reduces the flow of solution at 4 - 5 times as compared with the wall of a conventional brick.Inexperienced mason link "tongue and groove" will help to make quality and fast laying.

ceramic blocks are ideal for the construction of a country house with their hands.Manufacturers ceramic blocks have taken care of the convenience of the builders.Also blocks of various sizes are available building blocks, the length of which can be changed.This eliminates the need to master cutting blocks for creating door and window openings.For installation of various communications, there are blocks of the U-shaped and shaped blocks with slots.

But what in any case should not forget beginner bricklayer, so it is that the voids blocks can be filled with water during rain.This is unacceptable, since the laying of the wall should be completely dry.Therefore, at the end of the day you need to comb laying safely hide.

choosing quality innovative building materials, you can build a reliable home and avoid large financial investments.