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11 May 2016

If the theater begins with a hanger, the private house begins with a ladder.The staircase in the house bears the burden not only functional, but also, as a rule, is a real gem, dominated the interior, which is a source of inspiration for the designer fantasies and their implementation.And today we will talk about the most popular individual building stairs - stairs made of wood.

So before to ak choose the stairs for a house or land, get acquainted with the variety classification of stairs in the topic " FAQ. Choosing stairs ".For a proper understanding of professional terms, the choice, design and manufacture of self-ladder, you can not hurt to look into the topic " FAQ. Name elements stairs ".

What is convenient staircase?How to build a ladder, ascent and descent of which would be comfortable?What you need to know to do this?Various formulas used in the design of suitable ladders can be found in the topic "FAQ. Easy Does ladder."

If you have decided on their own to design and build a ladder,

but not very confident in their knowledge and do not have sufficient experience, but do not hesitate to contact the theme " FAQ for construction of wooden stairs ".

For those who rely solely on the knowledge, experience and skills of professionals who are willing to help free forum users, will be useful to the theme of "helping to make the project stairs according to your size."

This section of our review will talk about designs that are available to build, even for beginners.And the first number in the recommended topics will be " How I built a ladder ".Which simply and clearly and with a detailed photo report talked about the construction of stairs with zabezhnymi steps in for 3 days with 4 hands, circular saws and LSM.

not always the size of the premises and the angle of the proposed stairs allows you to build a comfortable home for lifting and, in particular, the descent ladder.You this case, you should pay your attention to the so-called "ladder" goose (duck) step "or samba."in the subject, you can discuss how much they are comfortable and safe ladder and learn about their opinion of the members of the forum.who have long been exploiting "goose step" at home.

of the stairs, set in a wooden house, after a while loses its geometry and begins to move relative to the main structure.But mistakes can be avoided.How do you tell cabinetmaker Denis Andreev in the video "Wooden stairs", posted on sayteForumHous.TV

next block of the review will be devoted to the stairs, the implementation of which will require from our members of the forum experience any serious or significant diligence, as they are madevery professional.Well.We begin to get acquainted.

curvilinear staircase, many dream of seeing in his house.After her graceful curves give lightness throughout the house.It saves space and is more conveniently and effectively than the more easy-to-manufacture staircase "duck step".But to create such a ladder, because of its cost of finished ladder is very high.Go to the topic "Stapel-building curved staircase stringer +".

very impressive staircase of carved oak with a detailed photo report is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.The effect enhances the unusual color scheme for the wooden staircase.But it allows us to wake up and release your imagination.So, I imagine you wooden staircase posted in the topic "House in the woods."

And finally "Multi staircase Panorama House".Ladder library ladder cabinet, ladder-cinema and a ladder.Perhaps our readers will be interested in the experience that will encourage them to an embodiment of bold and original ideas in the construction of his house.

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