Replacement of insulation and wooden floor

By Admin | Building Materials
11 May 2016

For owners of the wooden floor, which is in need of repair, there are two options: either partially or completely cover perestelit or sand it and paint.

Update flooring will help to eliminate visible defects not take a lot of time and money.First, the wood floor is cleaned of dirt and old paint, soil, fill all cracks with putty, and shpatljujut grind.Before applying fresh paint primed floor again and, after 2-3 days, covered with oil paint.At overhaul the old floor boards can be completely dismantled and replaced with new ones, or use as a sub-floor.

Experts recommend completely perestelit floor if the board badly damaged or buckled.

task of replacing the old floor and stood up to the Forum "Home and cottage" Putilovites.The owners bought the cottage, which was a brick house built about 10 years ago.The structure was not warmed, and because Putilovets decided to start from the floor.I searched the forum, but full of information that would be contained in one subject did not find.I had to collect

grains.So to come to a decision forumchanin and share with others their experiences.

old floor was uneven, with slits, collected from different in size and shape boards.Therefore it was decided to dismantle it.The work was simple but required physical effort and time.Four or five hours later, the old boards were neatly stacked in piles.After wandering on dry bare ground and obsmotrev lags 150x150 mm, the owner came to the conclusion that they do not need to be replaced.Actually, for such an inspection it is partially dissected floor.

Of the old floorboards Putilovets decided to make the draft floor.For this forumchanin took bar 40x40 mm and covered with red fire and Bioprotective composition (purchased 25 liters).From him on the edge of a log he made the basis for the sub-floor.Further, the size of the old sawed boards, also covered the protection and evenly packed.

Putilovets then spread a wind and vapor-permeable membrane hydroprotective, it tightly in one layer of 5 cm thick mineral wool packed.On top of the cake and covered hydro and vapor retarding film.

Then forumchanin put "Europol".Boards that are advertised in the store as a flat and dry, in fact, turned out to be less than ideal.To help come wedge - with the help of boards were aligned.

Instead of wedges you can use a car jack.

In the end everything turned out quite well.Boards host is attached to a spike yellow 80s screws: they are visible on the surface only in the region of the plinth, which will close them.

All work on the replacement of insulation and floor Putilovets performed fairly quickly - in five days, working alone.Assistance was provided only in the painting, which, as noted forumchanin, takes time.

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