The platform at the pool with their hands

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10 May 2016

When landscaping near the ponds and pools, there are several problems.First of all, it is necessary to secure the home, organizing slip wooden platform, and at the same time - to decorate the site.It is equally important to prevent the deck via the water of dirt, grass and leaves.Member Forum banned talks about how he built the deck by the pool.

pool diameter of 5.5 m and a depth of 1.5 m was bought.The walls of buildings - of the looped sheet thickness of 0.5 mm, inside - a bowl of a polymer film.The pool is a filter system with pump.

Installation work began with the installation of flooring bearing pillars, which used a used tube of 159 mm.Poles buried, concreted and cut at the desired level.Then welded profiled crossmember 80h40h2,0 mm, which is further connected with a pillar jib profile 40h20h2,0 mm.The pillars are interconnected via bridges 20h20h2,0 mm.Navarro connection between the cross.Thus it was surrounded all the pool.

on finished flooring structure is fastened, using deck

corrugated board from larch.

Stacking floorboards must be left between the boards a small ventilation gap - about 5-6 mm, so that the water flowed down, and the board does not warp or swell from moisture.

All metal compounds were painted with anti-corrosive primer.The upper surface of the platform in contact with the boards, is further processed bituminous mastic.Sami boards were impregnated with oil - it fully preserves the structure of the wood and prevents it from rotting.

make a ladder, and a retaining wall made of concrete.To save money, the outside pool imposed inexpensive decorative plastic panels with imitation stone.The panels were purchased in two forms: a small figure laid between the stages, with large went to finish the walls.All the panels are attached to the profiles for the drywall.One panel to the right of the stairs was made the quick to organize convenient access to the tap.

Since extreme platform planks fastened only at the center of the attack on them was desirable.To protect children and eliminate their ejection, the passage to the extreme boards was blocked by the sculptural composition of the stones, which bought its weight.Stones drilled in the center of hammer and a pin attached to the frame of the central planks.

the winter host disassemble the pump, drain the water from the filter - that is,removes anything that might break the ice.With the pool water is drained by 10-15 cm below the overflow hole and throws a dozen five-liter cans with rubble: their ice compresses, and the pool does not tear.To speed up the melting of snow in the thicket, forumchanin vodogreyku include: ice quickly fired a jet of water from a nozzle, at the same time to clean the pool.The flooring does not require special care.

budget platform of decking is mainly determined by the wood species and the cost of the board.On the b / u columns and profiles it took about 4-4.5 thousand, guides for plasterboard and plastic cladding panels, as well as screws, inexpensive cost.


When installing the boardwalk is not rectangular, but more complex curved shape should consider a few things:

  • joists need to be installed with a maximum at intervals of not more than 50 cm, the supports placed at a distance of 75 cm;
  • when laying wood on concrete pillars do not forget to lay a layer of waterproofing;
  • saw off the floorboard is not necessary to size the design, they should be put to the excessive length;overhanging ends of the water should not be longer than 30 cm;
  • cant be treated with an antiseptic;
  • board, closer to the beach, do not touch the ground: they must be insulated roofing material.

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