Architectural ceiling AstartaDecor: lightness, elegance and beauty

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10 May 2016

It is a well-treated perforated drywall - a material that is a worthy replacement and attachment / tension ceilings, partitions and profile.

If you want to create a truly stylish interior of the house or office, with your budget is limited, and time is running out, a better solution than architectural plasterboard ceilings, you will not find.However, products such as decorative panels GCR have a very broad scope: it is used in the device and ceiling, and as a basic element of the decor of the walls, and as filling walls and partitions in the works on the redevelopment or reconstruction of facilities.Versatile structural modular panels of drywall produced AstartaDecor, due to a number of features of the material.

Body options and production

You can choose ready-made solutions from design ceilings AstartaDecor catalog or order them from scratch to develop according to its own designs.As a result of an individual development project, you will get:

  1. design project, which includes sketches of perf
    orated and / or milled patterns, the layout of the elements of illumination, a detailed budget and layout of materials.
  2. Ready perforated plasterboard sheets in the format 1200x2500 mm 12.5 mm thick.To create an original design of ceilings can also be used with a translucent sheet inserts the placements of light sources (LED compact fluorescent lamps).
  3. installation kit, which includes mounting profile elements, architectural profiles endings, as well as lighting systems.

production materials is fully automated - errors or omissions in the performance of the order are excluded.

All parameters of manufactured structures (design, layout elements of the LED lighting and so on. D.) Are selected individually.As for the patterns, we are always ready to offer you a set of ready-made solutions or help to realize your own idea.The assortment of ready-prepared taking into account the latest trends in international design and architecture.

From project design and installation ready to set a ceiling, wall or creating a partition takes the least time.

design and features of processing

AstartaDecor produces lightweight gypsum panel ceilings, processed by punching and milling:

  1. Punching involves the creation of the finished sheet through patterns and hole patterns, which are then closed translucent material.It is made of fiberglass and has a good light transmission capacity.It was over an area of ​​perforation and placed LED lights.
  2. Milling allows you to create on the surface of the drywall sheets original patterns.For this purpose, the surface gypsum board are recesses of different sizes, which allows to create a decorative effect.

In addition, the production capacity AstartaDecor possible to produce curved panels (rounded, with smooth shapes and contours), which makes it possible to realize any idea.

To create architectural plasterboard ceilings, needs finishing profile - an important element, complete the decoration of the walls and ceiling.In the terminology of this AstartaDecor architectural profile systems endings.They are made of polyurethane decorative elements of different shapes (rectangular, rounded, multi-stage, and so on. D.), Which are installed on plasterboard ceilings as connecting, transitional and angular elements.

One of the most effective methods of using architectural endings - their installation between the ceiling with the creation of so-called light niches.This solution allows you to turn plasterboard ceilings in bright, bursting with light, weightless design.

Features ceilings on AstartaDecor

Plasterboard ceilings on AstartaDecor - an inexpensive and practical solution.The installation of the most complex in terms of geometry and number of levels design takes a minimum of time and serves as a ceiling of no less than a suspension or tension.

Easy installation is largely associated with the use of innovative architectural endings.Unified fixture for them and no need for treatment postmontazhnoy (putty or primer) allow operation even one person.

Learn more about the features and benefits of perforated plasterboard ceilings please visit the company AstartaDecor.You can choose a ready-made solutions from the catalog or to order the production of the complex ceiling on individual parameters - in any case you will receive an original design, are of high quality.

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