Installation of laminate: Step by step instructions

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10 May 2016

laying glueless laminate - it is simple, but it requires time and patience.

Tools and materials

For installation of laminate you need simple tools:

  • masking tape;
  • substrate under a laminate;
  • pencil;
  • roulette;
  • square;
  • knife;
  • hacksaw or jigsaw for wood;
  • wedges width of about 1 cm (they form a deformation gap, which allows the tree to walk, after installation of skirting close);
  • hammer;
  • podboynik metal;
  • wooden boss (a small block of wood, which incited element flooring);
  • vacuum cleaner.

to install baseboards:

  • screwdriver;
  • hacksaw.


To eliminate deflections and cracking the floor, laminate is laid on pre-aligned sex (Sheatfish was concrete screed).Admitted roughness not greater than 3 mm per meter.Flatness of the floor level to check the length and irregularities are corrected finishing or other types of self-leveling floors.Laying laminate is carried out on a clean and dry surface.

So begin the installation.Vacuum the floor, to clean it of debris and construction dust.R

oll on the floor surface under the laminate substrate.Sheatfish used substrate thickness of 3 mm.Too thick it is not recommended because in places where there will be heavy pieces of furniture, laminate can sag.Cut a strip of substrate from the roll on the size of the room.

bands spread out all over the floor butt seam glue masking tape to avoid bias strips when installing laminate.Most likely, the latter will have to cut the strip width.

Sheatfish advises narrow planks laid (front) side of the light source, ie,to the window.In this case, the seams are not visible.

Laminate begin to lay the angle, which is not furniture.Then clipped bands which are usually mounted to the end, closed furniture.With a minimum of furniture stacked laminate begin from the entrance to "trim" were in the far corner.

Members Active began laying the floor covering from the door.This allowed him to make the first row of boards at the door frame and the correct lane to cut the width of the laminate in the most loaded on the cross of the room.

Sheatfish advises the joint between the laminate planks in rooms, which are located on opposite sides of the door, to make sure a door leaf.In this case, the seam will be hidden behind closed doors.If the installation of doors you have not left a gap under the door frame at the bottom of the laminate, it can be cut with a hacksaw.

begin to gather laminate, following these rules:

  • first board Lay on the floor with a spike parties to the walls, leaving a gap of 10-15 mm;
  • into the gaps between the wall and the laminate insert wedges desired thickness, they will not give the board laid shift;
  • next board insert end with a spike in the groove of the board already laid at an angle of 45 degrees, then lower it vertically floor;
  • last board of a number of crop along.

Turn the last board of a number of seamy side up, and place, leaving between it and the wall of the gap of 10-15 mm.

an inverted board make a mark on the edge of the previous board series.Squares mark the cutting line perpendicular to the axis of the board.Jigsaw cut the board and collect the whole series, right up to his sliding the door frame.

on the board of the previous row, lying in front of the door opening, make a pencil mark across the width of the door frame.On each side of the doorway should go board under the box doors are not less than 5 mm, but not too close thereto.

Measure the distance from the edge of the door frame to the floor in the next room, add to it 1 cm on the board and draw a line perpendicular to the plane of the door.

Disassemble collected and make a series of laminate board in two door cutout drafted on the lines.The same board trim the width of the right and left cuts.Cut along the width of the boards of a number of others, gather a number of completely and lay it on the wall with a gap under the door frame.Several fix wedges.

next series begin to collect from the window and the wall.The first lay a piece cut from the last board of the previous row.

If the cut piece is less than 30 cm, use a new board.The next series should begin with offset boards to the boards of the previous row by at least 30 cm.

in adjacent rows of the board must be in a checkerboard pattern.Collect the whole series, cutting the last board row.Assembled a number of insert spike into the groove of the previous row at an angle of 45 degrees.

If the series is long, you'll have to call an assistant.Rows of length 3.2 m Sheatfish dock own.
Place wedges brace, and then tap to the previous number of laid along and end.This is necessary to eliminate the gap in the stacked rows.

the last row of boards too flip inside out and make a pencil mark.If necessary, the entire range of the width of the trim, assemble and place for the above stated rules.

nail the baseboard to the wall, install the nut under the door that hides the joint flooring, replace the radiator.It remains only to admire the work done.

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Editor: Olga Travin