Sanding Floor

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09 May 2016

floor preparation

Before buffing to get rid of all the cracks in the floor surface by putty.For these purposes, Yuri uses a special adhesive sealant.

After careful inspection and detection of even the smallest cracks, proceed to fill them.Here the main thing - to operate efficiently, trying to make the glue penetrate as deeply as possible into the crack;and quickly, because the drug is very sticky and dries quickly enough.After applying adhesive to crack his surplus immediately removed with a spatula, and the surface is treated a clean, damp cloth.

After processing all the slots necessary to give the glue to dry completely and "mate" with the tree.You will need at least 24 hours.Reduction of time at this point threatens that enough glue dried very quickly to score pelt, and the effect of such a grinding is rapidly approaching zero.


For sanding the floor used different skin abrasion.The first thing to go with a large coarse sandpaper grit - 60. With their help, removed the most serious

irregularities on the floor surface.

Then use more delicate and less abrasive skin - 80, 100, 120 ... In fact, the lower limit of crocus cloth is determined by the varnish, which the floor will be covered later.It may even skin with a very small grain size of 200 - though in this case it is not about grinding, but rather polished.

very important when grinding the floor to prevent movement across the skin - such flaws will be very visible in the subsequent varnishing.

Under varnish type Giraffe, which cover the surface with a thick layer, allowed three grinding.


Jury in using cheap domestic cars.The choice is due to the fact that at a sufficiently low price (about 2,000 rubles.) Machine in good faith to cope with polishing floors 5-6.After that, it is certainly not sorry to part.

for sanding in corners and other hard to reach places, a special vibration machine.

With its convenient shape it is really good to cope with the task.When using this tool, unlike conventional sander, allowed movement in either direction.

If the surface has been performed by all the rules and taking into account these recommendations, the floor produced after manipulation should look completely flat, smooth and clean.

Special thanks to Yuri Martynovich

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