Composite beam

By Admin | Building Materials
09 May 2016

think a lot of people are agree with the argument that the bar is considered one of the most popular types of lumber used in the construction of houses.It is difficult to list all the areas of construction, where it is used.For information on how to approach the bar-shaped house construction can be found in this section our forum.But today, replacing the classic wooden construction comes a new material - a composite beam.

first read the title, or by taking the material in hand, many developers may think:

«like a tree, only lighter and stronger.What is it made? »

This material appeared on sale recently, and essentially not a real tree, though it has all the advantages usually timber.But as they say:

«Everything is new - is well forgotten old."

One has only to look at the well-known plywood us, or remember how in ancient times to build houses out of blocks, mixing with each other straw and clay to understand the essence of a composite material.

Composite - is artificially

created a solid material consisting of two or more components of different physical and chemical properties.

And if the use of modern technology in composite materials, no one is surprised, then bar - made from the composite may surprise or distrust developer.

What is it - a composite lumber?

based on composite beams comprise small particles of natural wood, special additives and colorants that give rich color composite beam.

The link above substances acts bishofit.By the way, to remember interesting fact about bischofite.

In addition, this mineral is used in the production of tiles and artificial stone, it has found application in medicine for the treatment of joints and the upper respiratory tract and, therefore, the house built of composite beam will be environmentally friendly, and even healing.

how to make composite lumber?

manufacturing composite lumber is simple and manufacturability process.

prepared in advance and mix the raw material is pressed, after which the resulting material is cut into lumber strictly defined sizes.

Special additives give the beam composite waterproof and fire resistance.Despite their increased hardness, the composite timber retains all the positive aspects of working with wood.

It perfectly sawed, cut and is easily connected with a metal fastener.

advantages of composite lumber

Due to the design bar "tongue and groove" construction of the house resembles not the construction and assembly of the building on the principle of children's designer.On one side of the timber pre-applied cementitious composition, and the bar is connected to each other.After that, we can only cover up the seams.They are usually obscure mixture of bischofite and magnesite.As a result, the building erected acquires additional strength and integrity.

With all the advantages of wood composite lumber spared from such a lack of it as shrinking and swelling.

If you pick up a composite beam, and then the usual sliced, you can see the difference in weight.It is inherent in the dignity of another composite lumber.Houses built from it are lighter, and therefore there is no need to build a strong foundation that leads to saving your money.Subtleties of pouring tape base divided our forumchanin in this branch forum.


In conclusion, it is worth to mention such important characteristics of the composite beam as a high fire resistance.For this indicator, it is included in the same group with a brick.

A coefficient of thermal conductivity, superior to the conventional timber, allowing it to effectively retain heat and protect the premises from the cold.

should also be noted that the house, built of composite timber does not rot, it does not zavedutsya in rodents, and the walls themselves are not necessarily to plaster.

Hot Thread rodent conducted here.

It would seem that here it is - the perfect building material.But as the saying goes, every coin has a flip side.Production of this material requires the use of expensive equipment and malorasprostranёnnyh materials, which affects the price of a composite beam that exceeds the cost of planed timber, and very close to the price of lumber glued.

There is another issue that should be considered by anyone interested in this material - because of the small lifetime of buildings erected using similar technology, it is difficult to predict how the structure will behave in the near future.

After reading this article readers will be able to avoid mistakes in the construction of bar-shaped house.And watching this video , you will learn how to decorate the facade of the wooden house.