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08 May 2016

Warming house - an important stage of construction, especially in the conditions of the Russian climate.A special role in the formation of a comfortable temperature indoors to play the correct insulation of the attic.And she, in turn, depends on the type of insulation.

opted for ecowool forum member ar_ca explain such reasons:

  • relative safety of the material;
  • floating step and cut the ceiling beams in the attic (mineral wool slabs had to be cut);
  • abundance of small cavities that are well loose fill cellulose insulation.

forumchanin house built of logs, but because different three-dimensional structures.The ceiling of the attic consists of a beam 150h100 mm cranial bar 50x50 mm.In the center of the ridge extend support beams.Sex - a solid draft of the boards 100h25 mm.All you need to warm the room was 118 square meters in a layer of 300 mm.We used the dry filling.

important to know

When the attic insulation ecowool experts recommend to remember the following:

  • roof temperature should be
    close to the street.Therefore it is necessary to leave space for air circulation.To prevent heater in ventilation ducts, install protective shields (at the intersection of the beams from the rafters).Plugs of plastic or polystyrene attach brackets using construction stapler.
  • ecowool Do not use near electrical components.In such cases it is also better to install protective shields of the boards of 3x10 or 3x15 cm. They have no closer than 7 cm to the insulation.
  • If the loft bed floor, part of it is temporarily removed.Through this space ecowool blown into the gaps between the carrier beams.


most laborious stage in the attic insulation ecowool, according ar_ca, - is to prepare the surface.Validating decided not to put the membrane, only to spend dedusting.For reasons of greatest permeability I stopped at the thinnest lutrasilom.The substrate for the owner was putting ecowool and fixed braces for three days.The walls did overlap of about 100 mm and tucked into pockets all folds.This has prevented the formation of voids, which would have to wake up insulation.

Under the roof were located two verandas, and there is not enough height to 300 mm insulation.So we had to build a wall.Log and timber planted on Nagel left after construction.As a result, virtually all the stock was 70-100 mm.Because there was a strong draft that blew not ecowool also had to close skylights and attach the windshield in locations where base rafters adjacent to a wall.The room was quiet.In the last stage of preparatory work done Validating support for technical bridges - for future works.For this timber fastened to the ceiling beams, which took another day.

When attic work forumchanin recommends using polyurethane knee pads.Dress warmly and try not to sweat heavily.Be careful in the low roof of a lot of nails on the roof, which can cause a serious wound!

for mounting ecowool ar_ca invited experts.Buying material works together cost 1600 rubles per cubic meter.With delivery was worth 3500 rubles.For that amount, you could buy mineral wool, but for styling had to pay separately.As a result, attic insulation would cost more.

Two workers coped with the work of three and a half hours.Came blow molding machine, one person downloaded the wool of the packages, the second in the attic hose blew it by controlling the height of the installation.Its length of 30 meters was enough to not drive up directly to the site.If necessary, the length can be extended.According to the workers, the estimated density of the material was 35 kg / m (cubic meters calculated from the work, without relief).

Members Active advises fill ecowool manually.The density of the material in a package of 120 kg / cu.m.It will have to push, and it's very dusty.

After installing insulation ar_ca tried to pin down the mass of the hand - hurting about 5-10 mm from the top, the rest of spring back.A week after the insulation wool settled 1.5-2 cm.

month later deposition was 3-4 cm. Keep this in mind when installing ecowool!

Useful tips from members of the forum

Uncle Scrooge recommended immediately after installation ecowool sprinkle its adhesive solution.To do this, dissolve 200 grams of PVA in a bucket of water.Insulation is impregnated with this composition in one or two layers.After drying on the surface it is easy to peel.It will prevent the shifting of ecowool and fine substance is not dust.

installers, with ecowool should know and take into account the rate of shrinkage of the material.The amount of insulation is not considered immediately after installation, and the final.If the final result is not correct, paulspb Council, invited the experts to finish the job.Just get the right amount of technology allows SIDOX - with a slight moistening wool.However, it is not applicable in the winter.

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