What is the cost of the roof?

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08 May 2016

Today the motto "quick and dirty" is no longer in vogue.Many who are going to build a house, understand that this economy is fraught with serious problems and, as a consequence - additional costs in the future.At the same time determine the best value for money is not easy.

first thing you need to know to make an intelligent choice - this type of building for which construction materials are purchased.If this is a temporary building - enough short-lived coatings.Small-caps structure that is being built in a dozen years, requires a roofing material with at least the same service life.Can you find the materials in the construction market, which will last a long time without the need for constant repair and will not be a heavy burden for the family budget?

Buying Roofings, should also be remembered that the final price of the finished roof will consist not only of "cost per square meter" of the material itself, but also of other components: lumber, insulation, installation works, transport costs and oth

ers. In addition, asmentioned above, consider the operational life of materials.The longer serve roofing, without requiring substantial repair and maintenance costs, the lower the final cost of the finished roof.

consider the cost of roofing

Some believe that the roof of natural tile is more expensive than other roof coverings.Many people think that it needs a more powerful organization, and, accordingly, expensive truss system.To find out whether this is the case, compare the prices of the finished roof of different coatings on the sample project, the standard individual houses.The calculations will produce, focusing on the most popular to date among buyers materials: metal, soft roof and natural tile (cement-sand tiles BRAAS).

So, the total cost of the finished roof is made up of these basic components:

  1. cost of roofing.
  2. costs for additional materials to their delivery (film, lumber, insulation, fasteners, etc.).
  3. cost of installation.

in the table below is displayed the cost of 1 square meter of the finished roof taking into account all the costs of materials and work.These allow the developer to assess the final cost of the roof at the stage of selecting the roofing.

Summary cost of the finished roof (which includes the price of roofing material, construction materials and installation)

So, the final cost of 1 sq.m finished roof - from 3404 to 4982 rubles (the price without the cost of the gutter system).


According to calculations, the price of the finished roof of the cement-sand tiles BRAAS quite democratic and comparable with the prices of the coating of metal and soft tile.Homeowners will also be interested to know that the roof with such a coating has the consumer properties as reliability, durability, a 30-year warranty, fire, good heat and sound insulation, and finally, the aesthetic appeal.For the investor it is important to learn about improving liquidity houses with tiled roof.Perhaps this is the desired compromise in resolving the issue of roof?

Warning!The prices listed in the tables are valid in May of this year.

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